Recently Deceased Nollywood Yoruba Actor Ajigijaga’s Son Says Father Didn’t Die Poor

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August 16, 2015 – Deceased Nigerian Actor Ajigijaga’s Son Says Father Didn’t Die Poor, Debunks Polygamy Rumour

Sanni Rasheed, one of the children of Nollywood actor Ajigijaga has come open to debunk a viral report that stated that the deceased was a womanizer.

Rasheed, a budding Fuji star stated that his late dad never begged anyone for food because he was popularly in the industry.

Hear what Rasheed told Encomium Weekly last week:

 “My father was blessed with two gifts by God; it is not everybody that possess such. First, he was a contented man and second, he was very honest. No matter the situation in the movie industry, my father never begged to eat. Anyone that’s’ famous as far as the industry is concerned can’t be hungry. My father was famous and I am sure his fame was enough to fetch him what he wanted. So, he didn’t die of poverty.

He wasn’t a poor man because he wasn’t ordinary in the entertainment industry. He lived in a better apartment, though rented. He had a car. So, I believe some people were just assuming what’s not even close to the truth.”

“My father didn’t marry many wives and he didn’t marry any wife last month. My mother was his first wife, I am his first child. My mother died about 12 years ago. My father waited for about 10 years before he married another wife. And that was on Saturday, November 24, 2012. And the woman had a child for him, expecting another one. My father wasn’t a womanizer,” .

May his soul rest in peace (amen)

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  1. Its quite apparent that u ar much more concern about what people say abt ur deceased dad that for u to focus on relevant stuffs….. I see no reason why u shld initiate a thread like dis. Poor or Rich he’s no longer alive, why won’t u just leave’em critics.

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