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RCCG, Redeem Pastor’s Daughter Converts To Islam In Suleja Niger State, Runs To Bida’s Emir Palace For Refuge (Charity Uzoechina)

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RCCG, Redeem Pastor’s Daughter Converts To Islam In Suleja Niger State, Runs To Bida’s Emir Palace For Refuge (Charity Uzoechina)

redeemed pastor daughter converts to islamCharity now Aisha

July 29, 2013 – Redeem (RCCG) Pastor’s Daughter Converted To Islam In Suleja Niger State, Runs To Bida’s Emir Palace For Refuge (Charity Uzoechina)

Do you remember a story NaijaGists broke to you few weeks ago about CAN pleading to Bida’s Emir to release a pastor’s daughter he kidnapped? If you missed it read it here.

The name of the lady in question is Charity Uzoechina, she is the daughter of a popular RCCG Pastor in Kwankwashe area of Suleja.

The 25-year-old daughter of the popular Redeemed Pastor, Charity was sent to Federal Polytechnic of Bida to study Public Administration by her parents but as a matter of choice, she converted to Islam.

Her father accused Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, the Emir of Bida of hypnotizing his daughter to embrace Islam after which she changed her name from Charity to Aisha.

Charity who hails from Asaba came to Abuja after her family relocated from Lagos on a gospel mission.

After the completion of her Secondary school education in Abuja, she secured an admission into the aforementioned higher institution in Bida.

After her first year, she dropped out of school and turns Muslim.

This happened on the 15th of February 2013.

According to sources, Charity found herself in the midst of lovely Muslim friends when her family relocated to Suleja in Niger State recently.

She met a lot of friendly muslim friends who aided her conversion to Islam.

On the 1st of March, 2013, we learnt Charity now Aisha ran into the palace of Estu Nupe (The Emir of Bida) to seek for protection against any aggression from her father about her decision to convert to Islam.

As time goes on, the Emir took her in without her father’s consent.

Charity’s father, Pastor Raymond reported the case to Christian Association of Nigeria and all attempts were made to secure her release from the palace but the Emir refused to let her go. He was then accused of kidnapping Charity.

Along the line, several meetings were organized between Aisha and her father Pastor Uzoechina and his daughter at the instance of the Estu Nupe, who also involved some members of the Christian Association of Nigeria. After the meeting Aisha who has now developed hatred for Christianity refused to follow her dad.

She claims he will take her to a place where she’ll not be able to practice her newly found religion.

Charity now Aisha has since taken her father to a Sharia Court in Bida and her case has been scheduled for the 1st of August.

In this recent interview culled from Weekly Trust, Aisha revealed what made her to convert to Islam amongst other issues

Read interview Excerpt below;

What is your name?

Aisha Uzoechina: I was formerly known as Charity Uzoechina and now A’isha Uzoechina. Why the change of name? I changed my name because I have accepted Islam.

What brought you to Bida?

I came to Bida in 2012 to read Public Administration at the Federal Polytechnic, Bida.

Are you still a student of Federal Polytechnic Bida?

No, I am not. I have withdrawn from the school.

Did you go back home?

No, I did not go home. At the beginning I was planning to go back home, because I wanted to tell my father that I have converted to Islam. When I converted, I was afraid to tell my parents, because of the way my father would behave. I know he will not take it lightly with me. So, for that I refused to go back home.

Did anybody force or enticed you to join Islam?

I joined Islam on my own. Nobody enticed me with anything to join Islam. What informed your decision to join Islam? I converted to Islam because I love the character of Muslims, particularly the way they behave. You know Muslims believe in God. I have Muslim friends and I watch what they do, that enticed me to join Islam. I used to read Qur’an when I was a Christian. I always join them to read Qur’an and through that I found out that it is the same one God they worship. So I embraced Islam.

How did your father come to know about your change of faith?

When I ran to the palace, I told you, it was very difficult before I could see the Emir. When I saw him, the emir refused to accept me, because my father did not know about it. He, therefore, collected my father’s number from me and called him. The following day my father came and said he wanted to see me. When we met we talked one on one.

What did you tell him?

Well the emir told him that I have converted to Islam. When my father talked to me, he said let’s go home, but I refused. I told him that I will not change my faith, because I have already accepted Islam and this is where I want to stay. He, therefore, threatened me so much so that I became scared of him.

What did he do to you amounting to a threat?

In the first place you know, I put on Hijab (veil), he said I should remove the Hijab. He was angry and used some harsh words on me, directing that I should remove the Hijab, but I refused. He threatened to take me to a village where nobody will set his eyes on me. So I became scared of him, therefore I refused to follow him. That is it.

Did the emir intervene?

The emir gave him one week to come back, but he came back even before it reached one week. He said he must take me home. He will not take me to our house, but he’ll take me to somewhere that nobody will set his eyes on me. I quickly ran back to the emir and to the Shari’a Court for protection. I don’t want to go back to my father, because he is threatening me.

How did you come to know about the Shari’a Court?

I found out from people. I went to them on my own to formally lodge my complaint.

Why Shari’a Court?

They have to protect me. You know when you take a case to court over life threatening issue, the court must protect you. That is it.

Did your father come back after you refused to follow him?

He came back. He kept on coming back. The other time he even threatened to bring some people to kidnap me.

Is it true that at a time your father came with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) officials to you?

Is it true that you also went to the Jama’atul Nasril Islam (JNI)?


Why did you go to JNI?

I told you and I’ll still repeat it, though I don’t want to repeat my words again. I want them to intervene on my behalf, the threat is too much. Now I can’t go anywhere, I cannot even continue with my schooling. I cannot do anything because of the way he has been threatening me. He is still bringing people up till now to keep watch on me.

How do you know that your father has assigned people to keep watch on you?

There was a time that I wanted to go out, information came to me that my father was around and I had to stay back since I don’t want him to take me away. I know that if I gout anytime,I he’ll pick me up.

How did you come to know about JNI?

I have been reading about them. That is why I went to them.

How did you present your case to JNI?

I wrote to them seeking for their intervention, because I do not know how to go about convincing my father. I also learnt that the emir wanted to hand me over to my father, because the burden of my case is becoming too much for him to bear.

If your father should promise to allow you to practice your new faith, will you go with him? I’ll not. In a family that you are the only Muslim, how can you practice in that house?

You know when he (my father) came along with my mother the other time, his actions and the harsh words he used, even if I go back home, my life will not be secured in his hand. That is why I said I’ll not go.

Did you start learning anything about Islam?
Yes, I started learning how to perform ablution. I have learnt how to recite Surah Al-Fatihah, I am now in my second surah.

Do you pray five times a day?

Yes I do. I am even fasting now. I have been fasting since the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

What is your massage to people wanting to join Islam?

I have only one massage. Islam is good. Muslims are truthful, everything they say, they believe in God and they carry people along. Once a person converted to Islam, he’ll be carried along until he is strong to stand on his own.

What is your appeal to your parent?

I am appealing to my parents not to be angry with me. My conversion to Islam will not separate us. I still love them, even though I am here. They can come and visit me and I can also visit them. They shouldn’t think my new faith will take away the love I have for them. It will not. I am very sorry

Can you imagine the pain of her parents who trained up their daughter in the way of the Lord. They even sponsored her to school now to find out she has left her first love.

There is more to her conversion she is not telling the whole world.

How will she know about JNI or Sharia court , if nobody told her.

May God have mercy on Charity.

And may God take away the shame of the hurting father and mother.



  1. Olawumicheal

    July 30, 2013 at 3:27 PM

    wat a shame hmmm satan is wicked he usually target pastors children! sorry for her parent.Your convert to muslim is dangerous for you(CHARITY).

  2. QueenAmynat

    July 30, 2013 at 6:26 PM

    Hello people, i cud not help but reply to dis disturbing aguement abt religion!!!I’m highly disappointed @ all d Muslim brodas n sistas for commenting negatively against Christianity…..I bet most of u all graduated frm Islamic training (walimat). Wat does d Quran says abt judging odas? It’s a sin to do dat, so y engaged ursef to dis? I also wanna believe bible s also against it, so y are u not practising wat ur faith tot u?

    Lets all believe wat we believe till judgement day where almighty Allah/God will let us all knw who s on d ri8 part….till den I urge u guys to stop insulting one anoda in d name of Allah.

    Ramadan Kareem and happy Layla-tul-Quadir to my fellow Muslim brodas n sistas in

  3. eva

    July 31, 2013 at 1:56 PM

    She’s simply brainwashed, dis report is nt telln us everyfn I hope she’s thinking of d nxt act after dis episode or is she gonna spend d rest of her life with total strangers. Her parents shldnt panic, she’ll b home soon. Plz most importantly, whicheva way u choose 2 serve ur creator, do so deligently nd leave d most supreme God/Allah 2 b d judge.

  4. Tony

    August 1, 2013 at 12:43 AM

    Seems to me that she contrasted what she saw in Christianity living under her father against the qualities of her Islamic friends and made a choice. Actions speak louder than words. It’s one thing to preach, but another to be an example.

  5. rilwan

    August 1, 2013 at 4:30 AM

    @mike anu and queenamynat i really respect your comment but madam bose called herself a graduate and she never talk like who passed through secondary school
    If Someone called your religion darkness and you replied back in vice versa, then i think both of you are abnormal cus how did you know which religion is right, into what you are born in.
    Most evil act in the world are been done by both muslim and christain seeking for spiritual help regardless of where it comes from, who am i to fight for GOD,he already knows all.i’m a muslim and i believe religion is by faith and not by fate or name

  6. Busayo

    August 1, 2013 at 6:37 AM

    In the interview, she said she drop out from school and from what was gathered in school she was rusticated from the institute due to her poor performances and that was the before the incident happened.
    Does she think her been converted will makes the provost of the institute will call her to return to the institute and claim her studentship again?
    Does she think the muslims themselves don’t read and study hard in school?
    Does she think her been friends with muslims was convinced and to be converted?
    Does she also think her been muslim by practice will make life better for her?
    I think something is fishing somewhere, she have to sit back and rethink how she start, when she start, where she start and where is going to?

  7. Gods daughter

    August 2, 2013 at 3:58 AM

    Jesus christ is d way d truth and d Life,no 1 comes 2 d father(God) except 2ru hm.Charity u r not a born again christian b4 u went 2 sch.u were also Lazy dts y u didn’t do well in ur academics.u didn’t also obey ur parent dts y u found ur self in dis mess.I want u 2 knw dt nobody can luv u better in dis world dan God nd ur Parents.m sur dey want d best 4 ur life,same wiv ur fellow xtian bros nd sis. D lord will help ur family during dis temptation of faith.hav u 4gotten what John 3vs 16 says? Lemme remind u,It says 4 God so luvd d world dt he gave his only begotten Son,dt who say eva beliveth in hm shall not perish buh hav everlastn life.d same Bible tells us dat ,we shall knw d truth nd d truth shall set us come u suddenly 4gt ĦoϞ•̸ Jesus christ suffered 4 all of us on d cross of Calvary.?ĦoϞ•̸ come u suddenly 4gt dt we are no more under Law buh grace.ĦoϞ•̸ come u suddenly 4gt d love of God nd luv of ur parent towards u.I beliv u r not gonna perish,cos God owns d hrt of both kings nd Chiefs,he’s ur maker,he knws ur name even b4 u were born,he will touch ur hrt,cos dir is nofin 2 big 4 God 2 do.2 my fellow christian bro nd sis,let’s support dis family wiv our prayers nd commit d hrt of Charity in2 d hands of God. 2 d Muslim bros nd sis,Dir is therfore no condemnation 4 dos who are in christ Jesus.Jesus luvs u.much Luv.

  8. kenneth

    August 2, 2013 at 7:03 AM

    as for me, religion is a free thng of lfe. but is painful anyway cos ii knw thesame thng wll apply to a muslm if he/she converts to christain; until we stop the descrimination between the two praties as aforementioned in the body, then mutual understandn n peace shall we see…if not, we wll stl b in a battle field fighting for nothing! rather ignorance wll we be embracn.

  9. Ble

    August 2, 2013 at 9:02 AM

    wel said everybody, but it baffles me that so many of us have decided to be god who judges. who are you to judge the image of God. i am a christian, but this religious internet war is uncalled for. Prayer is the key.

  10. Ble

    August 2, 2013 at 10:09 AM

    Can we stop this religious fight and face the truth. Are you a parent? learn! Are you a guardian? learn!Train up a child the way he/she should go, when he/she grows he/she will not depart from it. Don’t beat the woman “Charity/Aisha”, beat the parents they failed. Parents beware “endtime trend”.

  11. Horlar Wadoo

    August 4, 2013 at 8:10 AM

    Aliamudulilah Robilialah minah,we thank God dat make charity (Aisha)2 be muslim,and she prival muslim better christan,she told dat when she was in the and she like 2 be cum a muslim,and nw she is change his name 2 Aisha.and God is grate all d time….


    August 31, 2013 at 1:48 PM

    Hello my pple across d globe,AISHAT is matured enough to make her choice interms of religious aspect among others.All what we need is just to encourage her for where she found herself cos I believe ALLAH knows everything about d steps she made.So AISHAT I say As-salam alaekun waramotulahi wabarakatul..As u converted to ISLAM,I pray dt u won’t regret insha’Allahu(amen).Don’t be afraid cos d ISLAM is d right path to d ALJA NAT(paradise).And God will let ur father including ur mother have mercy on you..Once again I say congratulations for been know d right way dt will lead d right pple like u and me to paradise..ALIAMDULILAHI..So I remain my myself(POPSON OLAD on face book-08052245866,,08033255677).

  13. Eguono

    October 20, 2013 at 6:54 AM

    Aisha welcome to islam, may Allah see u thru. And protect u from the evil religion called Christianity. Am a convert just like u. U are highly welcome.

  14. alabi olanrewaju akeem

    November 17, 2013 at 11:22 AM

    God show her the true relegion.and God will also protect her amen.

  15. Dem

    January 7, 2014 at 1:53 PM

    Jesus is the Answer for the world yesterday, today and forever. A life without Jesus is empty, valueless, tasteless and ultimately doomed. For all that have commented and will still comment, I plead with you to come to the knowledge of Christ and end up in Heaven. I sincerely pray that the good Lord will deliver Charity from the captivity of Satan in Jesus name.

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