Rita Dominic’s Real Age Is 43, She’s Not 40 – Primary School Classmate Speaks

rita dominic real age

July 15, 2015 – Rita Dominic Lied About Her Real Age, She Is 43 Not 40 – Primary School Classmate Speaks

Check out what Chika (last name withheld), a former classmate of Rita Dominic said about the actress’ real age:

“But Rita you are 43 not 40. We all grew up at Aba and we were in d same class in Santa Maria Primary school, Aba. This should have been celebrated 3yrs ago not this year my dear Rita.

Be grateful to God for taking you that far and not bringing down your age. You are still a beauty to behold so thank God for that. Dont limit God

May be 40 is Rita Dominic’s official age **wink**