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Rivers State Not Part Of Biafra Or Igboland – Mothers Of Rivers State Blasts IPOB & Kanu

rivers state not part igboland

July 10, 2017 – Rivers State Is Not Part Of Biafra Or Igboland – Mothers Of Rivers State Warns IPOB Against Inclusion In Biafra Map

We the Indigenous Mothers of Rivers State strongly stand by the statement of our respected Governor Nyesom Wike, that ” Rivers State people and its government believe in the unity of Nigeria”.

Indigenous mothers of Rivers State is a non government organisation {NGO}. Our focus is to unite our people especially our young and vibrant youth towards building a better and stronger Rivers State, in
terms of Industrialisation, Agriculture, Competent Leadership and state of the act Entrepreneurship.

Rivers state people are peace loving and accommodating. They welcome visitors and create opportunities for them to earn a livelihood, but that, should not be misunderstood for weakness and laziness.

Rivers State has been included in the map of Biafra by the so call leader of the indigenous people of Biafra {IPOB}. And this was done without proper consultation of the Rivers people , especially Indigenous mothers of Rivers State.

We the indigenous mothers of Rivers State brings to the attention of Nnamdi Kanu that Rivers State is not and will never be part of Biafra or Igboland. The days of East central Region is far gone, now state
has been created , of which each state has an indigenous governor that oversees to the affairs of his state.

The leader of IPOB should stop dreaming and scavenging for territory. This is an illusion. The group should face the reality.

The fact that few of your Naira finds its way into the pocket of some of our rivers youth and that entices them to join you in your agitating for Biafra should not be a conclusive factor that Rivers State is part of Biafra.

We the Indigenous Mothers Of Rivers State welcome Restructuring and stand for united Nigeria.
We will put in all our efforts , as mother , to make Rivers State and Nigeria a better place.





    July 10, 2017 at 4:14 PM

    another heavy blow to kanu and biafrans. Na shame go catch una at last. ******

  2. Metu Nyetu

    July 10, 2017 at 6:38 PM

    @RIDWAN, I WILL remind you of this statement on a future day, and believe you me, you would be ashamed yourself.

  3. Omokehinde

    July 10, 2017 at 7:28 PM

    The Mothers of River state just like other Nigerian mothers from every region of Nigeria are against that fool who is deceiving many angry Igbo youths that succession, tribalism, hatred, and civil unrest is the answer to our problems. Poverty, unemployment, high crime, poor infrastructure, darkness, and declining education are many problems inflicted on millions of suffering Nigerians from all regions by vagabonds in power for over 40 years. The Biafran agitators are Nigerian youth that have no jobs and no economic opportunities to survive, honestly, they have the right to be angry just like other youths from five other regions with the looting, corruption, embezzlement and misappropriation of our politicians. But that stupid boy called Kanu Nnamdi who never achieve anything meaningful in his life tapped into their anger in a very destructive and negative way by telling them that Yorubas, Hausa, Fulani, Irobo, Tfik, Isekiris, Ibibio and other Non-Igbo speaking Nigerians are their enemies and problems. That is absolutely a lie and demonic propaganda from the pit of hell. Whenever any one-be you Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa or other tribes start seeing innocent people who doesn’t speak your language as your enemies, then you have been possessed with the spirit of hatred, violence and murderous spirit. If the Biafran agitators are serious and truly willing to suceed within one week, they should instruct all Igbos to come back and relocate permanently to Southeast region from the north, Southwest, and other Non-Igbo regions of the country. If all Igbos yield to Kanu’s call to sell all their properties in other regions and relocate back home, then you will have your Biafra state without firing a single bullet just in a week. But if our Igbo brothers and sisters refuse to fellow him and ignore that fool,but continue to stay anywhere they choose to call home in any part of Nigeria, that foolish Kanu and his jobless followers should keep quiet forever. That is the most credible referendum needed to know the intention of all the Igbos that are not on board with this madness and insanity called Biafra. Before the last civil war, Col Chukuemeka Ojukwu did just that, he ordered all the Igbos living outside of the Southeast to moved back home before his declaration of Biafra state and the civil war. Because Col. Ojukwu was a career man and not a begger like this fool, the Igbos obeyed his order. Vice President Osinbajo should not give that idiot any attention, they should leave him to say whatever he wants to say. But if he commit any criminal offense, he should be jail forever and the key to his prison should be dump in ocean. Kanu Nnamdi want to recolinaze the Southsouth region by claiming non-speaking Igbo region as their own. I strongly recommend that he go for mental checkup, I think this guy is seriously sick in the head.

    • iron bar

      July 11, 2017 at 4:35 AM

      you are yet to explain your bitterness against a group/tribe that wants a refrendum to move forward.oduduwa has two factions with diff agenda.middle belt denied heir stand and rather indentified with the north.n]lately they want to pull out,even prof jerry gana gave a speech about their depature from north.scotland failed in their refrendum to quit uk and will be reintroduced again next yr.northern ireland divorced EU..we are just against each other or cowardly not able to see justice in all ramifications.

  4. perry

    July 10, 2017 at 8:41 PM

    this is another fake propaganda called mothers of rivers state.
    in as much as i do not support igbos seceeding from nigeria let the truth be told.
    kanu has a very large following in the south east and south south.
    nnamdi kanu followers in the souh east and south south is greatet than all the governors
    suppoters in both the time he issues a stay at home order you will understand that he has a large following in both regions.seriously speaking nnamdi kanu is a leader while the governors of the south east and south south are just rulers.
    all these fake group called mothers of rivers state is a complete rouse compare to nnamdi kanus large following in rivers state.
    If he issues stay at home in rivers then you will know that this so called mothers of rivers state is completely a tiny minority group without any grip on the rivers people and nnamdi kanus stay at home order will lock down the entire rivers state then you will know that rivers state people equally buy into the kanu biafra agitation.
    if the federal government do not implement autonomy to the states and local governments you will see the governors in the south east and south south on their knees begging kanu because people has really lost confidence on them in the two regoins.
    their selfishness has no boundry.what happened to all the allocations they collect monthly from abuja? they coner almost everything to their pocket thereby living the entire south east and south dry.they cant pay workers salary.they cant pay pensioners as significant infrastructure.all these shouting down on nnamdi kanu by the south east and south governors is to save their is not for the interest of the masses.
    sentiment apart the south west governors are better than those of them in the east and south south states by far.this guys are the real problem of the underdevelopment of south east and south south not the hausa fulani or president buhari or apc as the hide to tell the people.truth is bitter.

    • Omokehinde

      July 10, 2017 at 11:45 PM

      Please Mr. Perry, tell him to issue “sit at home” order in Rivers state, and Let us see how many of his supporters are outside Southeast region. The last such order doesn’t affect anyone outside the Igboland. Guess what happened? He just added pain and suffering to poor masses living in Igboland in order to showcase his foolishness. I have given Kanu Nnamdi the ultimate formula to achieve Biafra state quicker than he can imagine. Bossing Biafran Igbo supporters of his around in the Southeast region will not move a fly outside of that zone or region. Col Ojukwu ordered all Ndiigbo out from all the regions before he declared Biafra state in 1967. They all obeyed his order. But this fool is declaring Biafra when over 70% of Ndiigbo are still living outside Non-Igbo regions. Who is fooling who?

  5. guuzman

    July 10, 2017 at 10:26 PM

    Pls let dat boy called kanu b reminded of Wat happened during d biafran war. Anyway all of them r jst agitating blindly bcos they were 2 young or nt even given birth to to witness d war. My advice to u is to keep ur mouth shut bcos wen d film starts u will nt b there to watch the end.

  6. Mon

    July 10, 2017 at 11:43 PM that a name? since your governor like others has collected money and probably given you some share,then you write an email to Naijagists claiming to represent non existing entity as part of you and your governor propaganda, better park well and allow real human beings who want freedom to take back their destiny from the hands of oppressors.

  7. perry

    July 11, 2017 at 12:05 AM

    Good goverance from the governors of the south east and south south states
    will change the perception of the masses of the south east and south south to abandon the biafra agitation.
    all these bullshit about mothers of rivers state denounce kanu is a complete huggwash.this mothers of rivers state were all bribed for this charade.kanu is more popular in all ramifications politically today in the entire south east and south south.
    the mothers of rivers state are not registerted.they are illegal body just like ipob was labelled illegal body by the government.
    the governors of the south east and south south are so corrupt .only willie obiano is slightly better.
    had it been the governors of the south east and south south were able to deliver on good goverance the masses of both region cannot listen to kanu.
    IPOB was born due to the bad leadership in the south east and south south.
    i still repeat the south west governors are far better than the south east and south south governors who deceive the masses of the south east and south states that the north is the cause of the underdevelopment in the two regions which is complete lie.
    to put an end to biafra agitation let the federal government allow the states and local government to be autonomous.i do not support biafra seccession in any manner.

    • charles

      July 11, 2017 at 9:00 AM

      you are on the right part by saying that the governors in the south east and south south are the main course of underdevelopment in their respective state.
      But on the part of calling a group lesser is an under statement.This is due to the known fact that you have not visited people in the grass root level to fined out if Nnamdi kanu actually the large supporters or not.
      Do not judge from the sit at home order.For the people that sat at home are mainly Shop traders and bus drivers. And shop traders and bus drivers are dominated by the Igbos in Rivers State. It is only when you interact with the real Rivers Men and Women that you can come to conclusion.

  8. Omokehinde

    July 11, 2017 at 1:16 AM

    Thank you Mr. Perry for that insight. I totally agree with you that bad governance is our collective problem in Nigeria at all levels of government. If Kanu Nnamdi was demanding for resource control or asking for state and local autonomous, he would have gained my support and that of the entire of Southern region plus MiddleBelt. Even that autonomy will not come overnigh because there are many states in the north and south that cannot stand on theeir own overnight. This bad system has been in place since independent designed by the Slave Master-England for Nigeria to fall and not live to its full potential. But preaching hatred, tribalism, succession, and civil unrest really made him a champion of the haters and fools. Ordinary Hausa, Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba and other shouldn’t hate one another for any reason, but we can ask for accountability and good governance from our elected officials at all levels of government. Col Ojukwu never for once rain insults on any Nigerian tribe before and after the civil war. He was a career man, well educated, and from a wealthy home. But this fool called Kanu Nnamdi is nobody but a begger, selling and profiting from hatred and tribalism; he a criminal and crook who tapped into anger and frustration of the Igbo youths for his own selfish reasons. No credible leaders used people’s frustrations, pain, and anger for selfish gain.

  9. osas

    July 11, 2017 at 4:53 AM

    Great write up from OMOKEINDE. I really enjoyed reading your comment! And of course you spoke my mind. The ibos are being hated for one reason or the other. Yoruba, Hausa, and the rest of Nigeria doesn’t like them. Back then in my home town,(none Yoruba or Hausa) a landlord would rather prefer to rent his or her apartment/room to any other tribe but not Ibos! I think it’s time for the Ibos to start working on a better Image than fighting for can’t force people to vote you as president when their impression on you is negative.

  10. JORO

    July 11, 2017 at 7:53 AM

    Nice write up from omokehinde. All I know is that KANU’s families will share in the pains and struggles when the reality sets in. Let the mumus continue to put their lives at stake. Let them go, we will surely if they are really the backbone of Nigeria economy.

  11. horlyboy

    July 11, 2017 at 8:38 AM

    All the place that you Biafra believe say you go get better things don dey fall your hand. I bet it if you try to split from the grate nation Nigeria you go suffer pass South Sudan

  12. sam

    July 11, 2017 at 10:06 AM

    Rivers state cannot be part of Biafra. Lets be realistic Nigeria cannot exist any longer because of our ethno- religious differences. Like it or not, Nigeria is a time bomb that will explode soon. The best Option is peaceful seperation. We should take a leave from Soviet Union and let each state become a sovereign nation and form a Union for mutual co-existence. Any other thing is a pretense and a pending catastrophy. Niger Delta cannot go with the Igbos because the later will dominate heavily and soon Biafra comes into existence, what is happening in South Sudan will happen in Biafra. Biafra should be only Igboland. And if the Igbos want their freedom, they should remove their hand from Niger Delta. The truth is that as the Yorubas and Hausas hypocritically want one Nigeria because of oil in Niger Delta , so are the Igbos interested in Niger Delta because of its oil. The Edo people cannot be with the Yorubas neither can the middle belt people be with the northerners. So the best bet is to your tent 0 Israel. Each state should be on its own. The North does not want seperation. The North does not want restructure. The North wants to cage all of us in a central System and continue to exploit us, enslave us and pull us down. We have to go on our seperate ways. And beleive me, sooner or later, peacefully or by bloodshed, it will happen.

  13. oby

    July 11, 2017 at 3:14 PM

    well lets fold our hands and watch events unfold its self. i don’t know who among you ranting here that is happy with the way our so called country is. because you hate igbos does not mean they are not good. it is allowed to hate or love a tribe or someone but i only know that other tribes hate igbos because they are doing well in everything they lay their hands. very successful set of people also with quality education. whether we like igbos or not if God permits their exit out Nigeria, none of you here ranting will stop it.

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