Ruth Uche’s Husband, Emeka, Father Of Abandoned Lagos Twins Opens Up “I’m Afraid Of Arrest”


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July 9, 2015 – Ruth Uche’s Husband, Lagos Factory Worker Emeka, Dad Of Abandoned Lagos Twins Opens Up “I’m Afraid Of Arrest If I Come Out”

In an exclusive chat with The Nation yesterday, the father of the 3 set of twins abandoned with their mother, Emeka Uche opens up.

The factory worker who allegedly left his wife and kids back in April said life has been unbearable and miserable for him and that he left because he couldn’t stand his children going hungry.

Hear the words of the factory worker:

“How do I watch my kids suffer? I could not tolerate it. I did not even have money to assist my family. I watched them suffer daily, without knowing what to do.

“There were nights I watched my children sleep without food. Some days I will buy N100 garri and akara (bean cake) for my family. Because of my low income, I was always in debt before the end of each month.

“I am a factory worker and I earn N33,000 after tax and union fees. Then I have four children and a wife to take care of, which has been very difficult, I could not stand having a new set of twins that will come to this world to suffer.

“Initially, I thought it would be a child, probably a boy so that I would have two sons and three girls, but when I learnt it was twins again, the only thing that came to my mind was to run away.

“It was not an easy decision and I have not been happy knowing that I abandoned them. My wife is a very good woman and I love her. I love my children too. I became frustrated when I called my brothers for assistance and they did not even answer me. I just dressed up that morning, I knew I won’t come back but I didn’t tell her so that she would not feel bad.

“I am pained that I have not seen my wife and children for three months, sister you won’t understand my situation, but know that it has not been easy for me,” he lamented on telephone, as he refused to disclose his location.

This is his wife’s response:

“Please do not hang up the phone on me my heart. Just listen to what I have to say.

“I understand that things have not been easy but you should know that we have suffered alot. Please come back to me and your children.

“No one will arrest you because you are still my husband and I still love you. Anyone who arrests you will kill me first. Please talk to this aunt and also come so that we can go to Alausa together. They are all good people and mean well for us,”.

Ruth Uche reportedly talked at length to her husband yesterday after he opened up to reporters.

This story is generating mixed feelings among Nigerians.

Many think it’s a set up while other believe Ruth Uche’s version of the story.

No Igbo man in his right mind will abandon his family just like that.

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Let’s hope he return home soon.