Saint Obi Fires Back At Fans Making Fun Of His Musical Talent

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Nov 28, 2015 – Saint Obi Fires Back At Fans Making Fun Of His Musical Talent

Nollywood actor cum singer, Saint Obi told Saturday Beats that he has received a lot of backlash from fans via the internet but it would not deter him from singing.

In his words:

“Some people abused me and made so many negative comments but it does not matter. For me what is important is the message and given the chance I would do it all over again. I know that the social media is a platform that people abuse. When people say things and they are objective I don’t mind. As far as I am concerned my song was well made and the video is classy and tasteful. I will make more music but not necessarily the everyday kind of music. My songs would border on social ills. I don’t make music to make money, it is aimed at helping the less privileged,” .

9 thoughts on “Saint Obi Fires Back At Fans Making Fun Of His Musical Talent

  1. I listen to your son the other day and not so impressed. You have to take originality serious in your next song

  2. keep doing what you love and do, don’t pick up every fruit that falls out from the basket onto the ground, they are negative, keep going

  3. At your age,u still cannot discover your talent.
    A ***** @40 in dis century will permanently will remain ****
    Foolish song,
    @dis tym of d backdrop in d economy,is dis d kind of trash u shud bring out asay song.
    Wen will we af artiste wt late fela kind of music.
    Smh 4u

  4. wow…this people are crazy,y’all need to take a chill pill and leave the man alone, y’all are some haters,demn Nigerian people,so fucking rude,why don’t y’all made yall music instead of saying all this shit about him?this bitch ass make me sick,crazy ass people,leave the man alone don’t be disrespectful,

  5. Nah so Geneive say she SABi sing too. But today where are the songs,? Same goes to Segun Arinze, Mama G, Omotola! Etc. where is there songs? Nigerian actors and actress jack of all trade. No be small thing .

  6. its high tym we started appreciating what we have. Nigerians does not always do that. just tell me; how can u b taking drugs 4 some one fever? he has released d album and has made his money why b his George or must u buy every musical album? pls try keep ur selves busy.

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