Saraki’s Emergence As Senate President Has Rubbished APC & Buhari’s Ability To Lead Nigeria


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June 17, 2015 – Saraki’s Emergence As Senate President Has Rubbished APC & Buhari’s Ability To Lead Nigeria – Samuel Ekekere


The administration of president Buhari is in full swing and Nigerians are setting their eyes to watch at how change will arrive. The first two weeks is almost gone with the challenges inherited from the previous government still lurking around. the price of fuel hasn’t returned to its former price, Boko Haram hasn’t abated one bit, they’ve proved stronger than was once thought. Party politics has begun playing out and even the president who had suggested that he was allowing the senate freehand to select its officers had to hurry back from the G7 summit to interfere with normal procedures.

Lately, the internet was filled with wish lists, lists of things that the president is hoping help could arrive from Europe and America for. Nigerians are already beginning to suggest that Mr. Buhari is making us beggars when we have quite a lot in our soil to produce wealth from. The sad news is that there is nothing on that list that is a diversion of what previous governments have always wished for.
Nigerians have being too anticipative of change and they are expecting that they will have to wake to a new way of life. Nigerians want to see things done differently and its few weeks already; it seems things are still the same. It started with ICPC declaring Sylva, a chief campaign officer for Buhari free of financial crime charges. It’s ridiculous and opposite of the financial crime war which the former general declared he was going to fight once he gets on the seat.

If the president is expecting an easy ride through his presidency, then he must be in space. He is in the hottest seat in Africa, has the strongest opposition against him the PDP and is being watched keenly by over 180 million people who don’t want to be messed with. The pressure of his office is only beginning to reveal itself now that he has the responsibility of appointing ministers and aides and then discovers that he can never be for everybody and for nobody at the same time.

Recent happenings in the senate have further put to light the immense challenge which the change president will and is already facing. The president should be now aware that it takes a “really strong” man to rule this nation especially at this time when truly strong men have found their way into the corridors of the nation’s senate. Saraki’s emergence as senate president has rubbished any speculation of the leadership of the APC taking full control of the governing system and has given impetus to the belief that the PDP may certainly be spoilers for the President.

Taunts are already arriving against the new president from Nigerians who are beginning to see what they describe as the naivety of the president. Buhari seems weak to take up this change fight, especially that of corruption. He certainly will be no match for the already tried and tested political gurus in the senate who have played politics over the years and have tested their strength and courage, men like Akpabio, Saraki, David Mark etc.

Core supporters of Buhari’s change are beginning to wonder if the change they actually propagated was what was actually manifesting or a continuation of the old way. A recent comment by Prof Pat Utomi that Nigerians window of change had being seized by forces puts credence to the fact that Nigerians are already being short-changed.

Is APC that platform for change or should we expect another? PDP are bent on making Nigerians believe that the APC are only fooling Nigerians. The waves of attacks have not arrived yet. They will start soon, and when they do, the president will have to pray really hard. The opposition PDP is preparing their arsenals for a battle to finish as they plot their 2019 comeback; they have learnt lessons and will not fail next time around, it is believed.

Speculations arriving from top brass in the APC show some discontent at the choice of candidates for ministerial positions. Everyone wants to be on the list but no one is. The south-east and south-south are clamoring for so much of more in the cabinet but the big wigs who are majorly from the south-west are claiming they deserve more than a fair national cake since they played a major role in Oga Buhari’s ascendance to the presidential throne. They think they deserve the more juicy ministerial positions.

The PDP are taking keen interest at how things will go. Under her leadership, the PDP had developed an appointment sharing formulae that serviced every part of Nigeria. They’d certainly use that against the APC if they fail to share political appointments across board. The APC are aware and are on the tinkering at the moment what they must do to repel and dispel the PDP.

Political observers are watching keenly how the APC will manage to overcome the hurdle that is set before her. Buhari has a lot to do. He must know that it’s no longer four years remaining but three years and some days and the days of travelling overseas should be over. It’s time to fix Nigeria.

The world may be celebrating a new government and a wonderful African version of Abraham Lincoln’s story. Nigerians know the story, what we want is the action, the action promised to Nigerians. Time is ticking and everyday without an act towards the promise is wasted.
Nigerians still need change; Nigeria still needs someone to fix her. On Buhari and APC we are waiting.

[By SAMUEL UFOT EKEKERE, twitter:@ekekere,, +2347062809301]