Segun Arinze Abandoned His Daughter With Anne Njemanze…Renny Drags Father To The Mud


segun arinze abandoned daughter

May 13, 2017 – Segun Arinze Allegedly Abandoned His Daughter With Anne Njemanze…Renny Njemanze Drags Father To The Mud

Earlier this week, Renny Njemanze, the first daughter of Nollywood actor Segun Arinze clocked twenty.

Renny with mother

As a normal thing on her birthday, her mother who has been the only one footing her bill since wished her a happy birthday. Her father who allegedly abandoned her since he broke up with Anne Njemanze also took to the social media to make face by wishing her a happy birthday with these sweet words:

However instead of appreciating his kind gesture, Renny took to the comment section of the post to give her father a piece of her mind for refusing to call her on her birthday and for misspelling her mum’s name.

Quite shameful for a daughter to drag her father like this on the social media.

It is also painful that Segun Arinze has abandoned his first daughter.

From what she wrote above, one can tell that Renny is in pain. She has no respect for her father.

For the records, Segun Arinze now has 3 more children with his legal wife, Julie.

He also has two other children with another woman.