Segun Arinze Abandoned His Daughter With Anne Njemanze…Renny Drags Father To The Mud

segun arinze abandoned daughter

May 13, 2017 – Segun Arinze Allegedly Abandoned His Daughter With Anne Njemanze…Renny Njemanze Drags Father To The Mud

Earlier this week, Renny Njemanze, the first daughter of Nollywood actor Segun Arinze clocked twenty.

Renny with mother

As a normal thing on her birthday, her mother who has been the only one footing her bill since wished her a happy birthday. Her father who allegedly abandoned her since he broke up with Anne Njemanze also took to the social media to make face by wishing her a happy birthday with these sweet words:

However instead of appreciating his kind gesture, Renny took to the comment section of the post to give her father a piece of her mind for refusing to call her on her birthday and for misspelling her mum’s name.

Quite shameful for a daughter to drag her father like this on the social media.

It is also painful that Segun Arinze has abandoned his first daughter.

From what she wrote above, one can tell that Renny is in pain. She has no respect for her father.

For the records, Segun Arinze now has 3 more children with his legal wife, Julie.

He also has two other children with another woman.

11 thoughts on “Segun Arinze Abandoned His Daughter With Anne Njemanze…Renny Drags Father To The Mud

  1. this man is a fool..u never took care of ur blood daughter and her mom, now she’s beautiful and u wanna claim she’s urs. yeye dey smell. good response from d daughter.

  2. yeye dey smell. I hate men who abandons their children just because they’re married to another woman.

  3. segun think that young shall never grow ‘a big thanks to ann njamanze aka domitilla small time she will go omugwo

  4. please learn to respect your father whatever happen is your father remember you are not a bastard if at the time your so call mum gave birth to you your father deniasl you by now you will be crying nobody we know you pray that you have a good dad either he knowns you now or later is your father. The problem is between your father and your mum not you.

  5. @paul bello.. the problem extends to the daughter when her father is m.i.a in her life while she longed along for his presence. The problems extends to the daughter when she watches her mom trying to make ends meet for her survival n her father who is financially ok, but he isn’t helping out with mere things as school fees feeding etc. When a child lacks the love of her father but the father is online trying to put up a front..then that daughter has the right to pour out her anger.

  6. @Meme, God bless you. @Paul Bello, put yourself once in the girl’s shoes, will you be happy. Respect is earned, ok. Some years again a newspaper published where Ann leaves with her kids, a slop, struggling to make ends meet. This girl knows he has a well to do father yet she sees her mummy struggling to meet her needs and u expects her to portray in respect. My dear no way o. He doesn’t even have his daughter’s no. nor tag her rather he tagged another person to send that message. Please, please and please you should not be selfish with your comments. Try and feel other people’S pains for once.

  7. Nice one Renny,ur mum hav shown that without him you can achieve ur re so beautiful.. but do not disappoint and make the mistake ur mum made by marrying that ugly man bcos of fame.Be focused..ok

    I don comot..

  8. Renny this is the time to love your father. Most women in dispute with their husbands use their child (or children)as weapon(s) against their spouses. The fight is between your mum and dad please keep off. Your father loves you very much. You are too young to be carrying the burden of hatred especially for your father. Your father stayed away from your mother and not from you. Now you are free to go to your father. See how lovingly he will welcome you.
    Good luck.

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