Senator Bukola Saraki May Emerge 8th Senate President

bukola saraki senate president


“I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody” this single statement is a clear demonstration of fatherhood and uncommon patriotic zealousness to nation-building in a country where ethnic-propaganda, regional-inclination religious and political affiliation have eaten deep into the fabric of our collective existence.

PMB is a father of all who is indeed passionate for each and every one of us without iota of sentimental- value or bias in whatever standard. However, such attributes of a man can only emanate from his discipline background and un corrupted tendency (mai gaiskiya). A sincere man to a fault, whose words remains his greatest bonds and assets, the envy of ungodly individuals who sees him as a pious man that must be destroyed for them to continue with their illicit acts, because to them President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) is ever-shining star of truthfulness, and this explains why many lies were told against him to drag his hard-earn reputation to the mud and prevent his rise to stardom but Almighty Allah in his infinite mercy continue to defend him all through.

There is nothing that was not said in his name, even when such illusion only exist in the minds of those who concocted it, shortly after he came out to say he has no preferred candidates as regards Senate President seat and Speaker House of Representative respectively, than individual and groups peddling around once again that President Muhammadu Buhari gave the conditions for Senate Presidency which pointed to Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan as his preferred candidate, and one of such is that the North- Central is held the position of Senate President for too long, thus, need to go to North-East this time around, secondly, that he does not want to work with somebody whose credibility is shrouded in corruption charges, third, that Senator Bukola Saraki is Yoruba by nature and no amount of geo- political demarcation may render him a true Northerner, fourth, that he

Senator Saraki is not original member of APC from start, fifth, that he Senator Saraki is too strong to control should the time arise, sixth, that he Senator Saraki is embodiment of what I call PAP, that is pomposity, arrogance and pride, and for that Mr. President can not afford to work with such person, and the list is endless.

To answer the above assertions, it is of paramount importance, Nigerians are aware that our President can never stoop so low for such ungodly frivolity, he has promised to guarantee the independent of 8th National Assembly, as he has come out to say he is ready to work with anybody that emerges at the end of the day, and that how both the Red and Green Chambers conduct its affairs remains none of his business.

The true picture of it is that Senator Saraki’s contribution to the emergency of APC in North-Central and eventual triumphant of President Muhammadu Buhari can not be quantified in whatever imagination, as his enviable political pedigree speaks louder than mere propaganda.
Whatever you see happening today is purely political as politician could go any length to achieve his or her political point, but the most important thing is that whatever happens APC as a party shall remain united to give unconditional support to PMB- led government.

For instance, if you said Mr. President is tired of Senate Presidency residing in North-Central, and I would tell you is Katsina the only State in the Northern Nigeria?having in mind that the late Shehu Musa Yar’Adua is also from Katsina State in North-West, if you said Senator Saraki is a Yoruba man and not a Northerner, and I would tell you is Kwara State a South-Western State? Or is she only meant to contribute to Northern-Agenda and be relegated to the background when it comes to political benefits?

The APC mock election conducted into the 8th National Assembly is premeditated and handiwork of godfatherism which may not augur well with our democracy, as consultation and not imposition of candidates rather a robust and healthy debate in line with democratic guidelines can only help us at this point in time.

While it is essential that individuals with credibility are allow to manage the 8th National Assembly, certain consideration or harmonization is required by the APC in order not to give room for opposition to capitalize, more importantly since PDP is the final arbiter in the selection to 8th National Assembly, and until all hands are on deck the PDP Senators and House of Representative Members could form an alliance with aggrieved APC Members and scuttle whatever arrangement already put in place.

As we awaits the election of Senate President and Speaker House of Representative few hours from now, national interest should be paramount to compliment the gains of wind of Change brought about by Nigerians who queued in the scorchy sun, and heavy rain to select their leaders across-board.

[By Abdul Yahaya Oruma (PNYIF)]

5 thoughts on “Senator Bukola Saraki May Emerge 8th Senate President

  1. I was of the impression that Buhari will be anti-manipulation. If he gets arm-twisted within weeks of his presidency, then we are in trouble because the CABAL will slap him around with impunity.

  2. Thank you brother Yahaya Oruma for your insight. Your Article came From a patriotic, unbiased, and a great mind that Preferred Nigerian unity, peace,and progress to sentiments based on tribe,religious and culture. I thank God for President Muhammad Buhari wisdom to stay clear of all national assembly controversial issues. May God help this great man to help deliver the dividend of democracy to millions of our people through good governance. Amen.

  3. What I discover about this piece is that the writer is stylishly campaigning for Bukola Saraki. I think Nigeria politics has passed beyond changing political position like exchanging barton in marathon race. What Saraki family has done in Nigeria politics is enough at least let us try some new idea. I will take my response from where this writer stop that is, national interest should be the paramount matter that must be taken into account. I don’t have any personal malice with Bukola Saraki but I just believe that this family has contributed enough in Nigeria politics. During the first republic his father changed his name to Abdulahi Saraki just to have his way with Sheu Shagari administration. When coin is on Yoruba side, then he declared that oh! i’m Olusola Saraki. Now because his son is eyeing Senate president seat he is now a Yoruba. Although that is politics but right now we don’t really need these recycling politicians. There are folks out there who are more credible and qualify than Bukola Saraki. This politics of passing barton from father to son must stop period.

    • I agreed with you bro. Jilo. I dislike political monopoly because is anti true democracy.

  4. I feel really uncomfortable with the candidacy of Bukola Saraki ; as the next Senate president of Nigeria-hence this political scenario falls nothing short of a case of having an “old wine in new bottle”-it’s NOT in all cases that old wine gets better, rather in this scenario- Saraki moved from PDP to APC for his own selfish interest ,remember the old saying that says; “ one bad egg can spoil a whole crate of eggs” When the Captain of a ship decides to jump ship when his ship is drowning with its crew members on board – leaves very little to be desired about Bukola Saraki,jumping from PDP to APC. One really needs to look at the antecedents and the achievements of the Sarakis in Ilorin -Kwara state, to be able to adjudge the pedigree of both father and son.Kwara state has not seen any political development for decades –no thanks to the political strongholds of the Saraki dynasty of monopolising and usurping most of the political powers in Kwara state, to their selfish gains. The state’s common wealth should NOT be used by one family has a family enterprise, and that is exactly what the Sarakis have done in Kwara state.
    I don’t see how the Senate presidency of Bukola Saraki ;can move this nation forward, rather it will only truncate and scuttle pertinent future sponsored policies bills that will be sponsored and debated in the National Assembly. Policies that are supposed to move Nigeria forward-especially if those policies are not in Bukola Saraki’s favour.

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