Senator Isiaka Adeleke’ Killer Arrested: Doctor Who Gave Davido’s Uncle Painkiller Overdose Detained

senator isiaka adeleke killer arrested

April 25, 2017 – Senator Isiaka Adeleke’s Killer Arrested.. Fake Doctor Who Gave Davido’s Uncle Painkiller Overdose In Police Detention

The Fake Doctor Who Gave Senator Isiaka Adeleke Painkiller Overdose Arrested In Osogbo Osun State

At last, the quack doctor responsible for the untimely death of Davido’s uncle, Senator Isiaka Adeleke has been nabbed by police.

After over 10 hours on the run, the doctor whose name was not made available to the media by Osun State Police spokesperson Sade Odoro was said to have been nabbed shortly after the burial of the late politician.

He is currently in detention at the Osun State’s Police Command Criminal Investigation Department .

A family source who requested not to be named said he was not allowed to contact his lawyer.

Meanwhile, Osun State Governor Aregbesola has declared a 3-day mourning for the late politician.

The mourning which started yesterday will end on Wednesday.

11 thoughts on “Senator Isiaka Adeleke’ Killer Arrested: Doctor Who Gave Davido’s Uncle Painkiller Overdose Detained

  1. It’s just God’s time for the man. I believe the so called quack doctor has been d one treating him before now. They can’t just accept d fact that d good man is gone for good.

  2. I HOPE they are not about making a man a scapegoat in a matter that he is innocent of. Why did they deny him access to his lawyer? Or is a poor man not allowed to struggle for his survival when he is dealing with the rich?

  3. How come people just realised that the doctor is fake? Why was he not properly checked before he was made his personal doctor? Unfortunately it’s too late as nothing done now can bring back the much loved Senator. Even most of the doctors that are not quack don’t go for regular training to update their knowledge. It is so sad! May his soul rest in peace & I pray that God would console his family.

  4. Very unfortunate, this is just coincidental. We all we die, but ways and manners we don’t no. Rip ma.

  5. FYI that Doctor is not a quack Doctor as asserted by many people. I think he is only trying to do the wish of his paymaster. No one has ever thought that Senator might have demanded for more or compelled the Doctor to administer more pain medication on him to subdue his pain. Due to his status, the Doctor may not have objected to his demand.

    Anyway we have known the real cause of his death, the authority should just release the Doctor and rule his death as natural cause. There are lots of information that most of us in Nigeria do not know about pain medicines, that is why most our so called Doctors need to update themselves more on pain killer medicines and do more research while practicing medicine. Most of the pain killer medicines have been recalled from shelves in the United States due to their deadly effects on liver. The researchers recommended that if you must use them, it has to be in low dose even Aspirin.

    If you are in the habit of using pain killer medicines such as Paracetamol, Quinine, Tylenol, Motrin, Fanzidar, Chloroquine, Panadol etc you need to cut them down or avoid them completely because of their effects on our organs. These medicines can quickly damage your livers, lungs, hearts and kidneys since those organs work dependably on one another.

    If your kidney is not functioning right, it’s going to affect your lungs. Our liver helps to transport blood to our body. If our kidney cannot filter toxin in our body, how can our liver get blood to circulate back to our body. If our lung cannot have enough oxygen to help in transportation of blood in from the kidney, that means the liver will have no job. All that I have been saying is, these vitals organs are working closely to one another. If one shuts down, others are in trouble. The death of late Senator Adeleke was cardiovascular disease probably caused build up damage as a results of excessive use of toxic pain killer medications or other poor habits which led to irreparable damage in his heart.

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