Sex Causes Untimely Death Because It Weakens Humans Immune System, Abstinence Lengthens Life


sex weakens immune system humans

Feb 17, 2017  – Humans Have Weaker Immune System During Sex, Total Abstinence Leads To Long Life – Scientists

Sex Causes Untimely Death Because It Weakens Humans Immune System, Total Abstinence Leads To Long Life – Scientists

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England has highlighted the advantages of abstinence and the disadvantages of sex.

The researchers who rest their findings on the belief that Catholic nuns who practice total abstinence tend to live longer than their peers revealed that those who don’t have sex tend to live longer than others.

He said:

He added that the immune systems of humans stay at the lowest during sex which is why Sexually Transmitted Infections spread easily.

He concluded that Nuns, vicars,priests and Monks live relatively longer than others because they don’t have high blood pressure which contributes to heart disease and stroke.

10 thoughts on “Sex Causes Untimely Death Because It Weakens Humans Immune System, Abstinence Lengthens Life

  1. You people have to do this research again….for me,i don’t believe this is applicable to human beings….the only fact i know is to adhere to moderation.

  2. Researchers and different outcome. So because we wanto live long we must turn to vicars, priests, nuns and so on?

  3. The same researchers said that if you dont sex, you will have potract cancer because the sperm will be accumulating in the lower heap causing the cancer, this one said that sex kill person easly, please which one are we taking.

  4. The researchers are right. Sex could be once in two weeks for longevity. Those men that are addicted to sex always have low body immunity.

  5. Nowadays, it is not easy for human to go on complete abstinence but limitation to one sexual partner is the key. I agreed with the writers because the more sex partners we have, the more we are prone to more infections. You don’t know what kind of diseases that your new partner has. Imagine contracting six different type of STD’s from six sexual partners may weaken your immune system even though you use medication to cure yourself.

    Exposing to more than one infections is what is shortening our life. You are giving your immune system extra work and at a point in time, it may not be functioning as it suppose to be. Weaken immune system means your body immunity unable to fight diseases. That is why most of our rich people in Nigeria are dying prematurely because they have slept with different women and inherit most of the diseases in their body.

    Most of the Adulterous rich people in Nigeria have used their money to buy one form disease including HIV. They always think it is fun but it’s not. Sex is good if you practice it with a safe one partner but sampling every woman that you met may contribute to your low life expectancy.

  6. @Fifelomoooo. I like that. Don’t mind them with their conflicting research. They really want to turn people to Reverend Fathers and nuns. So they want to create quarreling and division in people’s home. They want husbands and their wives to be fighting themselves over insufficient sexual activities at home. Sex is a gift from God that was not created with any metre to regulate how far we humans should engage in it. Its a free gift and those who have the energy to do it more should go ahead. In fact contrary to this research,more findings revealed that their are numerous benefit when people are active sexually. So let them go back and carry out fresh research.

  7. Nigerians certainly believe otherwise hence the depression suffered by many when sexual activities wane. Personally, I think the low rate of blood pressure in non maters is that they are not bound to fetch and carry for unappreciative partners and family members who do nothing but complain and blame them for every imagined woe.
    Simply put, it is stress caused by relationships and money worries that are the culprits. Those whose material needs are few generally tend to live stronger for longer.

  8. ARE YOU GUYS sure Africans will accept this findings? Especially Nigerians, especially Calabar and Edo people? What about a muslim poligamist of 3 – 4 wives? What about porn stars? What about gigolos?
    Please go do this research again properly this time around. Thanks.

    I take a stroll…

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