Sharia Law: Nigerian Gay Man Flogged Outside Bauchi Court, Death Sentence Cancelled

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January 18, 2014 – Sharia Law: Nigerian Gay Guy Flogged Outside Bauchi Court, Death Sentence Cancelled

A Muslim man is very happy to suffer public beating instead of death sentence in Bauchi yesterday.

20-year-old Mubarak Ibrahim who was previously sentenced to death for practicing homosexuality has been flogged in the public and fined.

Mubarak Ibrahim received 20 lashes with a horse whip before a large crowd outside the Sharia court in the northern city of Bauchi.

“The court ordered that (he) be given 20 strokes and ordered him to pay a 5,000 naira ($30) fine,” Alhassan Zakari, an official with the Bauchi state Sharia Commission, told AFP.

“The judgment was based on the prosecution’s submission and testimony of witnesses… that the last time the convict committed a homosexual act was seven years ago and has since repented.”

The conviction came after it was confirmed earlier this week that Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan had signed a bill outlawing gay marriage and same-sex unions.

The law, which carries a maximum 14-year prison term for anyone entering such unions and up to 10 years in jail for supporting gay groups and clubs, has provoked international condemnation.

Ibrahim’s case was tried, however, under Islamic law, which runs parallel to the state and federal justice system in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north.

Sharia prescribes the death penalty for homosexuality but Zakari said the prosecution would not appeal against the sentence.

Ibrahim himself said he was grateful to the court for not imposing the maximum punishment.

“It has been a huge relief and I thank the court for the leniency it showed in sentencing me to 20 lashes instead of the death sentence I had anticipated,” he said.

“I had given up and surrendered to death while in custody waiting for judgment. I was confused and did not know what to do.”

The defendant claimed that he had been “deceived into sodomy” by a school teacher who promised to support his education financially.

“Since them I have never set eyes on him and have never engaged in homosexuality again because I have since repented,” he added.

Ibrahim was one of 12 men arrested under Sharia on suspicion of breaking the law banning homosexuality. The remaining 11 are in custody pending further hearings.

Five men appeared in court in Bauchi on January 6 after an allegation that they formed a gay club with $150,000 funding from the United States.

[Sources: AFP, PM Lagos]

11 thoughts on “Sharia Law: Nigerian Gay Man Flogged Outside Bauchi Court, Death Sentence Cancelled

  1. I love this Sharia police I wish we can have them in places like Lagos and Abuja it will reduce crime rate

  2. still confused.we use sharia court when there is formal courts to prosecute .why is cannon law not used the southern law shld nt supercede d other.

  3. It means that Nigeria is already divided if the law as stated in Constitution of the Federal Republic is boycotted by another law under its supremacy. Well done sharia, let this be the last of its kind for a gay man’s judgement to be overrulled.

  4. The sharia law is a welcome development. The western culture is ravaging our culture. Even the movie industry must do something about this. What they are giving us is entirely western which doesnt portray or promote our culture in anyway.

  5. @awiilo if you want to promote your culture stop using the internet,living in a modern house,using dental care,wearing textile clothes,using indoor plumbing…go to the jungle,build a mud house,work on a farm,and cower at anything nature throws at you because that internet is being supplied by fiber-optic cables that run across the ocean bending light around it to send signals into classical binary code…Nigerian drama degrades brain cells i would rather expand my knowledge by watching a documentary…..if you can create life then take it away but if you cant leave it be….a minority has always overcomed the majority,i am not gay but i disprove of any form of human chasticement,how can you watch a fellow man undergo such discrimination just because he desires a relationship with the same sex,if these people join boko haram and starts raping people they cant be blamed…you treated them like animals and they would react exactly how you treat them

  6. @davien I agree with every word you are saying!
    Love should be important always and love can never be wrong.
    if two adults both agree freely to have an afair than there is nothing wrong with it, independent of which sex they are.

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