Should Federal Government Negotiate With Boko Haram?

negotiate with boko haram

March 26, 2012 – Should Federal Government Negotiate With Boko Haram?

Do you think negotiating with Boko Haram is the way out of these ceaseless attacks?

If not, which other options do we have.

Please contribute.

9 thoughts on “Should Federal Government Negotiate With Boko Haram?

  1. I will respond to this question with did United states negotiate with al qaeda?
    Federal government should humble themselves and call for intl support

  2. I don’t support the negotiation of a thing it will make matters worst
    Tell Jonathan to eradicate Boko Haram allies in his cabinet first then see the difference

  3. Negotiate WHAT. How do you think is possible to dialogue on the impossible issues. NO TO NEGOTIATION.

  4. did america ever negotiate with rebels. government is powerful than these people, he should use his power and position to overcome them the way america use to do

  5. Boko Haram is a result of CABALISM and the president knows about it. The early he called a spade a spade the better for all of us. We cannot continue to suffer for the president’s inability and incapability in discharging his dutie. Does it mean he does not understand the oath of office he sworn.

  6. The government gave Niger delta amnesty but did they really give up arm No.So,let’s not encourage it the second time cos if we do, they will always come back for more.

  7. We can’t negotiate with d Devil. They re d Devils tormenting this Nation, so federal Govt should use his powers vested in him to act ones and for all so that this nation will ve peace. Negotiations is d worst cos another group might come as HARAM BOKO. Hahahaaha

  8. On board de ship there is no peace talk with the bastards.Mr. President has decleared blood for blood on the boko haram sect and that is final! Because he gat the final say. Sotovo to de bastards!!!

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