Smile Internet Service In Lagos Nigeria Is 3Times Faster Than Canada’s

smile internet lagos nigeria

July 27, 2014 – Smile Internet Service In Lagos Nigeria Is 3Times Faster Than Canada’s

Apart from jetlag wahala, another issue I’m are facing here is slow internet connection.

I must confess my internet service back home in Lagos is 3 times faster than this sluggish one in Toronto.

The one am using back home is SMILE while a stick my friend got me here is from one company called WIND.

Smile is one of the best broadband internet service providers in Nigeria with wireless connectivity.

They are currently on 4G… but the one am using here in Toronto is the most sluggish internet of all times (1G or something).

Never believe things like this could happen in Toronto, very disappointed.

My new desk is filled with stories from fans and our reporters back home but dis internet is a big disappointment… Grieeeeeeeez

Currently on a 2-week vacation, can’t wait joor!

Fans in Toronto, are you experiencing the same thing???Any ISP providing reliable service?

I hear America is more developed than Canada: True or false?

6 thoughts on “Smile Internet Service In Lagos Nigeria Is 3Times Faster Than Canada’s

  1. Without corruption and security threat, Nigeria is far better than all those countries that depends on chemical to eat.

    No doubt America is where God lives. Just hang in there 2 weeks is just around d corner.
    I suggest you go and ask around. U can get this information from any library over there.

    May be your host is an educated ill*****.

  2. That is the viccissitudes of lyf.
    Its nt evry tym in lyf u enjoy a jolly ride in a roller coaster. Hitches must come by weda u lk it or nt. It is ur persistency n determination dat wld sail u 2ru such stommy weather.
    Remain blessed. Keep on d good work.
    D Hunter.

  3. 2 wks vac! I gues, apart frm dis walking-with-a-limp internet service, u’v really got urslf 2 enjoy. Dat’s ok!
    But 2 think of it, I dnt even knw d name of dis 1dafl blogger, nor can I tel wat she looks like. #Pls we 1-2c ur pix!##

  4. says it again US is far far far more developed than canada. We call dt place a village here.
    Don’t forget to unwind hardwork needs to be rewarded.
    Next time u plan to vacate, try California, will gladly host u.

  5. Good to hear Nigeria has developed. As one of the commentator suggest
    Go to any library tomorrow for information.
    Stay safe and enjoy ur stay

  6. Tell ya host to pay for higher speed. Here in Houston, Texas my speed is 50MB/min and I pay about $60/month. Besides, you are probably using a dinosaur in the name of computer. Your computer should use an Intel core i7 processor and then you won’t be talking about Lagos or Naija internet speed.

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