Girl Blows Herself Up In Kano: Female Boko Haram Suicide Bomber Dies At North West University


female boko haram terrorists

July 27, 2014 – Female Boko Haram Suicide Bomber Died In Failed Attempt To Bomb Kano’s University

Girl Blows Herself Up In Kano: Female Boko Haram Suicide Bomber Dies At North West University

A teenager hired by Boko Haram terrorists to cause mayhem at a university in Kano has died.

The young female suicide bomber estimated to be 16 years of age killed herself today at Northwest University, Kano State Government owned university located along Gwarzo Road off Kofar Kabuga.

According to Kano State Police Command, the teenager died around 1pm Nigerian time on Sunday. She was spotted walking suspiciously towards the school gate when police guarding the area spotted her, isolated her and called for reinforcement from female police officers adept at handling Muslim females.

The young woman who had a bomb concealed inside her hijab, killed herself by detonating her explosives, five policemen suffered minor injuries.

9 thoughts on “Girl Blows Herself Up In Kano: Female Boko Haram Suicide Bomber Dies At North West University

    • Timmy the conclude, i heard from a Muslims preacher that Allah will put someone that kill himself just like that in the day of judgement in hellfire and if you kill a human-being Allah will ask him why he kills his human and definitely hellfire will be final aboard.

  1. She might be one of chibok girls brainwashed to carry that operation out. May d Lord have mercy!

  2. For Allah’s sake where is Governor Yerima today, that Boko Haram has taken over from him what he started in the north when he declared Shariah on assumption of office as governor of Zamfara State. Why has Governor Yerima gone silent on his proponent of shariah and on Boko Haram insurgency in the north. I guess total islamisations of the north was what pushed Yerima to declare Shariah, now that extremists Boko Haram has taken it over from him, why has he gone dead silent over their deadly and radical approach to islamising the north. Its a shame on all the northern governors then who supported Yerima in declaring Shariah, just because someone else either than a northerner had assumed power at the center in Abuja. Now, with a hindsight; history has become very replete the decisions taken then has backfired on the entire north.

    True Shariah can only survive or succeed under a regime of self sufficiency and not in a condition of abject poverty the north have found themselves since Nigerian independence. Even in the countries where Shariah was borrowed and adopted from; there’s no absolute compliance because modernity introduced by some new leaders in those countries has brought a lot of reforms in the total compliance of Shariah. Moderate Shariah as practiced in countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan, Oman, Dubai and the rest are made successful only under the embrace of Western Education. Saudi Arabia which is the citadel of islam religion and Mecca to all muslims worldwide survives on 100% Western technology and education. How does the north intend sustaining the Shariah Boko Haram is fighting for when abject poverty is ravaging virtually the entire north where about 90% of your monthly revenue come from stipends you collect from Abuja like ‘Almajiris’.

    Take a look at Afganistan how poor, backward and primitive they’ve become over the rigidity of Shariah compliance. Draw the comparism with northern Nigeria how poverty created by lack of education has created a breeding ground for Boko Haram to feed from. Why is Governor Yerima’s voice so silent on Boko Haram and why are the northern muslim leaders not declaring their support for the call of Boko Haram for total Shariah compliance in the north. Is it not the same foundations the likes of Yerima laid for Boko Haram to inherit and continued to promote vigorously by killing innocent Nigerians across the country. People like Governor Yerima should bury their heads in shame for starting a project they knew they obviously don’t have resources to complete.

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