Beware! Importers Now Selling Expired Bags Of Rice For Less In Market Across The Nation

expired rice nigeria

June 21, 2017 – Smugglers Now Selling Expired Bags Of Rice For Less In Market Across Nigeria – Customs Alerts Citizens

Oyo/Osun State Command of the Nigeria Customs Service today warned Nigerians to be wary of buying any kind of rice as poisonous and deadly bags of rice have flooded the market.

The Command confirmed that some unpatriotic Nigerians have conspired with some importers to smuggle into the country via land borders expired and deadly bags of rice into the shore of the country.

Hundreds of bags of rice said to be deadly seized by men of the Command were paraded before newsmen Wednesday.

The area controller of the command, Comptroller Udo-Aka Emmanuel who make the observation at a press briefing in Ibadan yesterday said the expired products were brought into the country every day, adding that its consumption is dangerous to health.

According to him, he had investigated most of the goods smuggled into the country, especially frozen foods and rice, and discovered they are expired.

He noted that his investigations further revealed that most of those rice lasted for the period of four years before smugglers repackaged and change the expiring dates and send it to Nigeria.


9 thoughts on “Beware! Importers Now Selling Expired Bags Of Rice For Less In Market Across The Nation

  1. As long as prices of food items continue to skyrocket, and the people are poor this warning will fall on deaf ears. The people to be warned are the powers that be who have left our people with little or no choice on how to survive each day.

  2. The government themselves are interested in reducing the population, that’s one of their agendas as assigned by their masters from the west, hence, they are indirectly doing such from every angle, sponsoring of boko haram, massive hardship and feeding people with poison and such expired products.
    Only God can save us.

  3. prosecute those behind the importation but WHAT about the arms passing thru the sea port heading north with instruction not to search..even the last one from iran was swept under the carpet plastic rice made way to lagos via ports and they denied it.clowns

  4. THE GOVT OF the day (APC & buhari‘s brain) is already expired long before they forced themself into office.
    Therefore, there is every possibility that expired stuffs would be gaining entrance into the country unhindered.

    I take a stroll…

  5. If i may ask, can grans like beans, maize, millet, rice etc can they really expire if they are not GMO. I can still remember day’s back in my primary and secondary school days we were thought that grains and seed can only be destroy by weevils,mouths,bacteria and poor storage practises and not expiration, so why is our own government destroying it own citizens with it own hands deliberately by promoting the activities of GMO, WHY ARE YOU KILLING US WITH ALL SORT OF INCURABLE DISEASES ARISING FROM GMO’S……..please God help us……

  6. What do u expect?when the d masses re dying of hunger.they most go for d cheaper one.bad government.

  7. Man must eat, no matter how. What options do persons who have children to feed and haven’t received salaries in over 6 months have? God punish your yeye government and corrupt officials, including Customs. Oloriburuku, misfortune head people.

  8. @ NIYI, GMO As an abbreviation for Genetically Modified Organism.
    GMOs And Human Health: According to recent studies, Genetic Modification can improve the nutritional profile of food and therefore serves as key element in reducing global rates of malnutrition.

    For instance, Golden Rice is enhanced with beta-crotene and therefore provides a dose of vitamin A, a nutrient lacking in many diets around the World. Vitamin A deficiency leads to the death of nearly 700,000 children each year. So golden Rice is a crutial initiative in reducing malnutrition.

    This is just a tip of the iceberg but in a nutshell, I would like to state here that GMOs crops are good for human health.

    I take a stroll…

  9. Nigerian customs are nothing but crooks. Expired rice? Give me a break. A friend once brought his personal car from the US 2 yrs ago. The vehicle reached Nigerian port and vanished. These idiots called customs are worse than Evans.

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