Solomon Akiyesi Has Another Wife; His First Wife, Ezinne & Polygamy Battle Exposed

solomon akiyesi first wife

April 16, 2013 – Nigerian Actor Solomon Akiyesi Has Another Wife; His  First Wife, Ezinne & Polygamy Battle Exposed

According to a family source, On Saturday, the wedding ceremony of Nigerian actor Solomon Akiyesi was disrupted by some hoodlums accompanied by controversial blogger Linda Ikeji.

Though Linda has denied ever knowing Lilian, the pregnant wife of randy actor Solomon Akiyesi, a source identified as Uche who claims his Choir master saw Linda and others still stood by his claim.

In another development, the hidden marriage between Solomon and another woman identified as Ezinne has been exposed.

According to Stella of Encomium magazine, the actor got married to Mrs Ezinne Akiyesi before meeting Lilian .

How Lilian Snatched Solomon Akiyesi From His First Wife Ezinne

”Solomon began dating Lilian when he was still married to Ezinne and despite all the warnings from Ezinne,Lilian refused to leave Solomon alone so Ezinne left him alone and Solomon took a walk and moved out but was in contact with Ezinne and had been begging her up until last month to let them begin afresh”.

He didn’t divorce Ezinne before moving on with Lilian who is now heavily pregnant.

Solomon Akiyesi’s secret polygamy battle became evident after another attempt to marry his church member, Ms Uloma Agwu on Saturday.

Lilian who allegedly snatched Solomon from his first wife is getting a pay back for her action.

14 thoughts on “Solomon Akiyesi Has Another Wife; His First Wife, Ezinne & Polygamy Battle Exposed

  1. Solomon Akayesi is very louse nd unfaithfull, he dosent deserve to be loved. Anyway is good for husband snatchers. Single Ladies leave married man alone because it dosent last nd God will forgive any of u who re into it.

  2. Why are you people disturbing yourselves about solomon. The name giving to a child will definately follow him. Have you all forgotten the biblical solomon who married 700 wives n 300 concubines. Solomon Akiyesi, ride on you can do better than that.

  3. If this is true then, it serves her right! “What goes around comes around”.
    This should serve as a lesson to all ladies who going about chasing married men.

  4. Y does this solomon guy love white weddings ? Foolish man .. He doesnt know white wedding is supposed to be once a lifetime. mugu

  5. Who tell you marriage is once in life time? One wife is not African thing go into the world and multiply so says the Bible as to how that is achieved varies from one individual to the other. Why do you think divorce is so rampant amongs whites? All the prophets of God marry more than one wife except Christ who was never married so by nature one woman can not be enough for a man. Is better pronounce marriage than mistress which might not be Good in the sight of God.

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