Mercy Johnson Battles Post-Baby Weight Gain “My Husband Calls Me Orobo”

mercy johnson weight gain

April 17, 2013 – Mercy Johnson Battles Post-Baby Weight Gain “My Husband Calls Me Orobo”

Few hours ago, new mother of one, Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie reveals her post-baby weight gain battle.

The actress who said her husband, Prince Odianosen Okojie now calls her Orobo is set to begin an intense weight loss exercise.

She gave birth to her first born in December 2012.

See her tweet below;

“So my husband just luked @ me now and goes “Orobo ye, I no go fit carry my orobo but sha we don marry” in sound sultan’s voice. Gym here I come

mercy johnson orobo

E be like say her husband just dey manage am… abi wetin be “but sha we don marry”.

Now that our sexy actress has become Orobo, what is the way forward?

24 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson Battles Post-Baby Weight Gain “My Husband Calls Me Orobo”

  1. my dear friend, I know it’s a joke but babe he also has something u can use 4 jokes. Your still beautiful.

  2. No mind yr husband o…. him like d orobo . b4 him no know say wen u put to bed u go turn orobo…… but u mercy…. orobo dey yr bodi na….

  3. Check if you cnt find this in 9ija update me, 2wks u 20ibs, TRUE BEAUTY HERBAL TEA. Its come’s in full parks, tea bags, tabelets, cream, saop. Or get original roiboos tea it all works perfects, if u cnt find them update me.

  4. Its normal 4 a woman 2 gain weight while nursing a baby but honestly u look more beautiful with ur orobo stature meanwhile drink more water strech up firt thing in d morning&take a walk dont stress urself 2 much o baby purity ve a lovely day

  5. enjoyment and rest of main bring fat .also GOD IS A giver of all human things in life so please be prayerful and alway thank your GOD for showing you up in the eye people think about it

  6. Mercy thank God almost every one likes you. But apart from joy, happiness and rest of mine watch very jealously what you eat to maintain a good stature after one and more. See to your other colleague who still looking fit after child bearing. thou it is necessary but just watch out. As for your husband just make him feel you are still who you were. Peace of God be with your family.

  7. welcome to reality….now his ex wife will say thank God….good riddance to bad rubbish…

  8. Dat is gud 4 u mercy sheybi u fink say dat ur figure 8 na everlastin bt i trust ur hubby hm don spoil every tin wit is pomp action lol God don catch u

  9. My dear 6ter…marriage is a life commitment….wether he called u orobo or not…..u’re his……u’re still cute with ur present state….

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