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Tinubu: The Political Colossus Of Our Time

poem for tinubu

Tinubu: The Political Colossus Of Our Time
A Spoken Word Poetry By Princess Adefunke

His name is JAGABAN
The Last Man Standing
He defeated Cabals and traitors
Overcame Naira swap and fuel scarcity
He defeated fake prophecies & Malicious Media Houses
He defeated PDP, LP, & CRUSHED his enemies

Tinubu, a name with a ring,
Echoes from the past to the present sing.
A symbol of hope, strength, and power,
A name that stands out like a tower.

It carries within it a rich history,
A legacy that spans generations in memory.
A name that inspires respect and honor,
A legacy that time cannot put asunder.

Tinubu, a name with a story to tell,
Of a journey of struggle, triumph, and dwell,
A name that evokes a sense of pride,
A story that stands the test of time.

Tinubu, a name that echoes in our hearts,
A legacy that sets us apart,
A name that reminds us of our roots,
A heritage that helps us bear fruits.

It’s not just a name, it’s a symbol of hope,
A beacon that guides us when we can’t cope,
A name that reminds us of our strength,
A heritage that lasts beyond life’s length.

Tinubu, a name that brings us together,
A legacy that lasts forever,
A name that inspires us to be great,
A heritage that defines our fate.

It reminds us that we are not alone,
That our roots run deep, and our spirits are known,
That our ancestors left a mark,
A legacy that shines even in the dark.

Tinubu, a name that echoes through time,
A legacy that continues to climb,
A name that represents our past, present, and future,
A heritage that is both powerful and pure.

So let us honor this name, Tinubu,
And the legacy that it brings anew,
Let us remember the journey it represents,
And the hope it inspires, for us and our descendants.

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