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Stella Damasus Denies US Visa Expired, Says She Can’t Travel To Nigeria Bcos She’s Working With UN

stella damasus visa expired

Feb 21, 2015 – Stella Damasus Denies US Visa Has Expired, Says She Can’t Travel To Nigeria Bcos She’s Working With United Nations In America, Blasts Toyin Aimakhu

Alleged husband snatcher Stella Damasus who is yet to return to Nigeria over two years after she left with Doris Simeon’s husband is coming up to defend herself.

In a series of Tweets she posted about her colleague Toyin Aimakhu who pokes fun at her over her alleged assassination threat, the mother of two briefly narrated how she met Toyin a while back and how Toyin asked for her input about moving to Lekki,etc.

On why she hasn’t travelled to Nigeria in a long time, Stella Damasus says it’s not because of her expired visa, the absentee Nollywood actress said it’s because she is busy working for United Nations in the US.

Back to Toyin Aimakhu

On June 10, 2014 actress Toyin Aimakhu took to her twitter and posted something which Stella Damasus has replied to almost 8 months after….

In her latest Vlog titled “Mean Tweets And Hate Mails” Stella replied some really mean tweets and comments she had received on social media.

Last of them was Toyin Aimakhu’s comment on her “Bring Back Our Girls” video;

Where Toyin said,

“Madam, Nigeria is my country. Nobody is killing anyone cos no be only you do video. #VisaDonExpire #BringOurSonBack #AttentionSeeker #LoveYouStill.

Stella Damasus reply to that was;

” Hold On! Is this not…. Toyin? The same actress, Toyin Aimakhu, the one I did that yoruba movie for? The one who was always calling me at a time to ask if it was ok to live in Lekki when she wanted to move in?”

“I can’t remember what the whole conversation was but she used to call me.”

“It’s her??? Oh Wow! ”

“Ok, sister girl, I love you like crazy. But let’s look at your hashtags again” 

“You said #VisaDonExpire#, I have been in this country for about two years, and nobody has asked me to leave.”

“Apart from that, I’m doing a lot of work with the United Nations. If I had a problem with my Visa, I don’t think they would be working with me. When it comes to the visa issue, let’s be sure of what we are saying.

Speaking on the #BringOurSonBack# hashtag, Stella replied;

“Is her son missing?. Does she have a son?. If your son is missing, let us look for him.

“You know I know how to do videos as you said. Tell me if your son is missing and I will scream till my lungs burst or something. I’ll look for him for you and immediately I find him,that’s it, I’ll bring him back”.

“You said #AttentionSeeker#, Hmmm my dear, this issue of attention beats me. I was hoping that people like you can explain to me because I’ve been told that I’ve been trending. That people talk about me every time.”

“I don’t know oh! I don’t know who’s writing, I don’t know what they are saying but you need to educate me on that ma’am because even the people that pay for PR don’t get as much publicity as I do but errm, love you still, love all of you but you need to get more creative about the hate….talk about my nose, my legs…people say I have toothpick legs”.

How can her project with United Nations stop her from travelling to Nigeria for over two years. Stella Damasus is talking as if she’s the only Naija celebrity signed as UN ambassador.

As a matter of fact, Omotola Jalade, Stephanie Okereke, Rita Dominic, Ini Edo and others are co-UN ambassadors.



  1. Duru James

    February 21, 2015 at 8:04 PM

    she is a pathetic liar

  2. Maleek

    February 21, 2015 at 9:20 PM

    Stella is a very confused and disoriented mother. Tell me how can you be happy when your 2 daughters are not with you

  3. nk

    February 21, 2015 at 9:34 PM

    Stella husband snatcher I just cross hand de wait de broom wey sweep first wife leg dem hang A̅m for ceiling

  4. Linda Evans

    February 21, 2015 at 10:53 PM

    Stella you are deluded, you need deliverance because since June 20014. Please go and get busy joooooooo. working or not working for UN that is a lie maybe you are helping other charity organisation to serve food for the homeless and you are calling that UN Job. You better come back and get your life together again and stop your denial. Toyin is now the AGN assistant and you are still going backward that she used to call you about Lekki or no Lekki. Please repent and get your life back because you used to be my Heroeine but now with all this mess you get yourself into you are no more my heroeine

  5. I

    February 21, 2015 at 11:05 PM

    Shush! You think we are illiterates? lmbao! The authorities won’t go about hunting you down and asking you to leave but I bet you cannot do anything in the US unless you are a resident or citizen which I am not sure you are. If you try your hands at anything that would put the radar on you, trust me sister, you will be deported rolling with your head out first. If you try to go to Nigeria, you cannot step your feet into the US again which is why you cant go because you would need to explain what you were doing for so long as an illegal alien in the US. so better not touch sensitive areas like that again when you are granting interviews. Ok? UN job ko, NU job ni! With what papers? I bet you don’t even have a work permit much less resident permit! Mtcheeeeew! I dislike liars especially when the liar thinks the listeners are dumb.

  6. Igbo

    February 22, 2015 at 11:02 AM

    Stella you are a satan.

  7. fairjudge

    February 22, 2015 at 1:45 PM

    Stella you can only lie to people who have never been to abroad or who don,t know how the system works over here,stop your cheap lies and hide your face in disgust and shame.The voice of the people are the voice of God,you can not succeed if clearly you know you actually used something to win another woman’s husband.but if all these allegations are false then believe you me you will have all what you seek.just enjoy your illegal status in the USA while it last

  8. offonime

    February 23, 2015 at 10:20 PM

    but wait a minute…is she crying on this photo? i beg make una leave her alone now, you people should mind your business and leave stella life alone. abbah. i still love you jaree.

  9. iamfashion

    May 23, 2015 at 9:09 PM

    ishhhhhhh, why all this words for Stella? whether she an illegal immigrant or not is non of anybody’s business, Stella as been to somewhere in are life and also achieved some great tinz too, you pple r here criticizing aish, v got nothing much to say buh if nobody talks about you then you are nobody, Neva mind what haters says ignore em’ till they fade away, amazing they ungrateful after all the games you gave away. Stella stay strong and tell em all, NO BULLSHIT.bcoz i think you are perfectly fine with ur present status, if u like you stay in the u.s more, so far u like it their is no need to listen to em’ hoes, okay? its your life so live it big, much love#IAMFASHION

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