Stella Damasus’ Love Me Quick Song: A Lesson For Tonto Dikeh

stella damasus love me quick

Oct 19, 2012 – Stella Damasus’ Love Me Quick Song: A Lesson For Tonto Dikeh

Since the release of Tonto Dikeh’s singles, Itz Ova & Get High, most of her fans have condemned the un-natural tone she utilized during the production of her songs.

Listen to one of Tonto’s song below


Few hours after Tonto Dike released her songs, another Nollywood actress Stella Damasus released a new single titled Love Me Quick Quick.

Stella’s fans were quick to commend the natural tone she used as the song blended perfectly with the instrumentation.

Listen to her single below

Stella Damasus Love Me Quick Quick Song


A Word of Advice For Tonto Dike

Try to be more natural in your singing. Avoid heavy instrumentation and be yourself.

Article by Bode Olayinka ( A fan of Tonto Dike)

21 thoughts on “Stella Damasus’ Love Me Quick Song: A Lesson For Tonto Dikeh

  1. menhh all this one na tonto dikeh ona dey finish like dis abi e nor gud o 4 ona 2 encourage her o na dey wan her

  2. Tonto i no like u b4 as actress now u go enter music u think u can just wake up and begin to sing go and learn buying and sell maybe God will help u as a trader.

  3. Tonto Dikeh is very wrong to have said she is not Nigerian by heart, I want to let her know that, if she want to marry out side Nigeria, she may marry way-forward or a divorce husband. In the music issue, if she can be perfect in it let her carry -on, after all human built computer, but if she cannot let her focus at present.

  4. Jay from SA Tonto don’t mind them they a jus jealous cowards coz they can never have wat u have I love ur courage keep it up

  5. stell Damasus, im blushing already, u are talented in many areas, acting? Singing? So intelligent and out spoken. Listen pals, stella indirectly sent a message to most nija female singers that disturb our ear drums with too many intruments, she sang just with piano and her voice, more like ”Ron Pope”so natural. despite all they say about u, just want u to know that im a big fan of urs, just like u always say, their criticism can’t even raise a grain of sand. For tonto i like u too, but u gotta add some natural flavour in ur songs. But if its above u, perhaps u might have to live it, cos u are hail good in acting. Cheers!!!

  6. Tonto, u are a very beautiful lady please try and change ur attitude if not it will take u long way, no man will want to marry a woman with out good attitude. pls dear try and change from the habit of insulting people and ur cool worker. thanks.

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