Stella Damasus Seeks Relevance, Blasts Nigerians From Her Base In The US


stella damasus

March 18, 2016 – Stella Damasus Seeks Relevance, Blasts Nigerians From Her Base In The US

Since she relocated to the United States secretly with Doris Simeon’s husband, absentee Nollywood actress Stella Damasus has been looking for different avenues to appeal to her fans in Nigeria.

Hear what she told Nigerians posting pictures on the social media recently;

“A big shout out to my darling Kate Henshaw who has never been afraid to take anybody on, face to face or through social media as regards National and Social reformation issues . Much respect to you my sister. Where are the others who have the platform, status, fans, voice and the connections to pull global media and call these shameless men to order?

Oh! I’m sorry! Nowhere to be found right. This fight right here is not the place to showcase pictures of trips around the world, designer clothes & shoes, luxurious homes, academic achievements, awards, paparazzi, applause and self glorification so only the non-high fliers like Stella Damasus & Kate Henshaw should be sticking out their necks while others sit on the sidelines and sip on their bottles of champagne, watching the drama unfold. They look the other way because nobody wants to offend the senators that will probably be available to attend their events, premieres and launch of foundations; and possibly make huge donations.”

Her popularity ratings has gone down due to her controversial marriage to Daniel Ademonikan.

The mother of two  is yet to return to Nigeria since 2013.

She needs all the publicity she can get now. Nigerians make una notice am ooo.