Photo: NIS Arrests 300 Illegal Immigrants In Niger State Nigeria

illegal immigrants arrested minna

March 18, 2016 – Picture: NIS Arrests 300 Illegal Immigrants In Niger State Nigeria

The Nigerian Immigration Service has arrested over 300 illegal immigrants from neighbouring countries who had infiltrated Niger State.

Niger State Command Immigration Comptroller General David Adi said most of the arrested immigrants are from Niger Republic while others are from Benin and Cameroon.

They were picked up in Paiko, Suleja, Bida, Kotangora, Chanchaga and Bosso areas of Nigers State.

17 thoughts on “Photo: NIS Arrests 300 Illegal Immigrants In Niger State Nigeria

  1. What are they looking for in this country of ours? 90% of Nigerians in this country are looking for away to leave this nation for greener pastures and you are wasting your time/resources migrating to Nigeria.

  2. What are you looking for in this country. We that are even here are looking for a way to leave this country for greener pastures.

    • MaryF, if you are ever opportuned to travel to Niger Republic or Chad, you will know that Those people see Nigeria the very way we see the US or Europe. Poverty is relative after all.

  3. Our borders are porous that is why it is easy to get in en masse, i wont be surprise if our immigration officers are facilitating their see them around Agege and environs, they blend in easily with hahusa modality.

  4. Diz is hw they wld come 4rm only God knws whr only 2 constitude prblms 4 us. Yll d innocents ar treated as scape goats as d securities ar quick 2 conclude a matter b4 verification.

    Nigeria is perhaps d only con3 whr anybdy can just walk in anyhw w/t any credible permit, lk pappers passport or any valid documents.
    May God help us in diz con3.

    Its inevitable dat I…


  5. I wonder what they’re looking for here,coz we in the country are dealing with lot of issues here

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