Stella Damasus’ White Daughter Star In New Movie By Daniel Ademinokan (Pictures)

stella damasus daughter

Sept 13, 2013 – Stella Damasus’ Mixed Daughter Star In New Movie By Daniel Ademinokan (Photos)

Nigerian actress Stella Damasus has revealed the beautiful face of her daughter for the first time.

The actress took to her Twitter page 8 hours ago telling fans that her daughter will be starring in Daniel Ademinokan‘s new web series titled Mixmatch.

The movie was produced by the controversial film maker in New York .

“Great working with my daughter on the set of MIX MATCH” – Stella said in a tweet

Mix Match Movie Synopsis:

When an American man is married to a highly educated Nigerian woman who is stuck in her African ideologies, there will definitely be hilarious & dramatic results.

Mix Match is a Web Series based on the lives of the members of a biracial family living in New York City.

Look below for more photos from Mixmatch movie set:

stella damasus white daughter

Stella Damasus‘s daughter looks more like a Mulatto (mixed white and black) to me.

Has Stella ever dated a white guy?

31 thoughts on “Stella Damasus’ White Daughter Star In New Movie By Daniel Ademinokan (Pictures)

  1. STella Damasus has dated over 8 guys in her short history in Nollywood and none of them are white.
    may be this damsel is her secret love child who knows?

    • Ramsey Noah no be oyinbo? Can u not see the obvious resemblance..? And point of correction – Stella has dated many white guys including those that were her late husband’s friends so the truth is merely revealing itself. Now you know.

  2. i’m not surprise because she is a professional prostitute.
    no wonder she snatched her colleagues husband
    shameless woman

    • you are so negative, u talk like u saw her prostituting. if u don’t hv anything better to do with ur life than talk down on her go kill urself.

  3. I heard she had an affair with Ramsay Nouah while married to her late husband; and many people including the Aboderin family have always been saying that her second child is actually Ramsay’s not her late husband’s

  4. As an international prostitute, she can come up with as many children as Possible, irrespective of their color or race. I thought I heard that the husband snatcher is pregnant for Doris’s husband? Cheap whore! Big face!

  5. Gosh!You Goddamn Haters!Get A Life And Let The Woman Be.She Will Go Higher Than This,While You Wallow In Your Misery.Geeez!Go Stella.Your Daughter Is Sure As Hell,Beautiful.Love Yah…Xoxo.

  6. Stella shame on you. You have a a daughter that is age of marriage and you are still flirting around. You see your life?. Time will come when your children will rise against you. As you are acting with your daughter also give him to the good for nothing Daniel so that as he is marrying you,he will also Marry your daughter, shameless idiot. Leave Doris husband for her before the rot of God catches you. Evil woman.

  7. General P***Y who is the father of this one ooo and I’m very very sure there will be more white kids with another fathers…Oh i forgot you are nothing but a SUPERSTAR so keep shooting babes Nonsense Lol..

  8. Pay no attention wu speak evil against u,it simply mean u r far mile above dem!!stella live ur life dy r nt d one feedin u or payin ur bills so dy r jux jobless!!!!!!!!

  9. Babe, as long as you are happy, but please remember that the person that suffers after all this negativity is that child. She may be happy today but there comes a time in her life when it seems that she has no true root or solid foundation. No solid dad, no solid siblings, everything she knows is half this and step that. Support and treat her like gold cause you are all that is real and true to her. Good luck

  10. Stella you are a devil, stop committing adultery, Repent now or you shall suffer the same faith as Jesus Christ who was arrested, tortured & hang like a roasted chicken even though he claimed to be God or son of God.

  11. u are on ur own. so Jesus Christ died like a roasted chicken abi. Don’t worry when u start roasting in hell fire then u will know. the only way out is to repent nd give ur life to Jesus Christ. Gud day

  12. Hmmm wif al dis comment here nw…i dnt knw wu s innocent …we’re al sinners so no 1 is pure…so u al shld insult her let her liv her lif ….okay

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