Stephanie Okereke Linus Rocks Blonde Hair (Photo)

stephanie okereke blonde hair

July 12th, 2013 – Stephanie Okereke Linus Rocks Blonde Hair (Picture)

Weeks after changing her signature long-hair look to blonde, Stephanie Okereke is still rocking her short blonde look.

Apart from acting, Stephanie would make a great model.

I love everything about her!

8 thoughts on “Stephanie Okereke Linus Rocks Blonde Hair (Photo)

  1. I like you a lot but stop doing this Tonto Dike colour riot please. which one is blonde hair, blueish green top, multi colour pant and rose bag and pink shoe. Abegiii, finr that your classy dressing like before.

  2. There is noffin cute abt ur new look if u ask me.ur former look best suit ur figure….u shld jst stop trying to b someone else.d former u is jst so UNIQUE!

  3. You look good but you should stop bleaching. you are getting more whiter than your formal colour, look at your hand and face they are more fair than your leggs. Please stop it now.

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