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Stephanie Otobo: I’m Writing A Book On My Sexual Affairs With Apostle Suleman, God Has Exposed Him

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Stephanie Otobo: I’m Writing A Book On My Sexual Affairs With Apostle Suleman, God Has Exposed Him

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April 15, 2017 – Stephanie Otobo: I’m Writing A Book On My Sex Rumps With Apostle John Suleiman, God Is Using Me To Expose His Secrets

In an exclusive interview with Saturday Sun, Stephanie Otobo called on Apostle Suleman to tender public apology to her, as well as, to his congregation before she could back down from the battle God is using her to wage against the cleric to expose his true nature.

When most people doubted your claim on Apostle Suleman, you came up with evidence that people thought was not available, why were you holding this back since; why did it take you so long to release the bank statement, and BB chat?

My laptop was stolen when I came to Nigeria last year, and it was when I returned to Canada and bought a new one that I was able to recover most of the information, and I went to my BB conversation to crosscheck the things that he was saying and found them funny.

We also learnt that you have more evidence like text messages because some of Apostle’s supporters are saying that BB chats could also be forged. Is that correct?


What do you want now, do you want peace; do you want out of court settlement?

No matter what he is offering, I want a public apology. He has to apologise for the embarrassment and the denials. He can’t be too big to apologise to the congregation that he has thrown into shame. He arranged for the law enforcement agents to pick me up and froze my account.

Do you not fear for your life in the face of all these?

I should ask you guys who are asking me for more evidence, are you not threats to my life? Those asking for evidence, can they come up and speak to that man? I won’t even appreciate anybody asking for more evidence. I pray and believe in God, and I know the truth and the truth is the word of God and Christ is the way, and I pray that the truth comes out. I know they say we are all in the market here on earth and heaven is home but the truth is that, we are all in the farm, what we sow, we will all reap. That’s why we should make sure we are good today to inherit goodness tomorrow.

I had much on Instagram, which I deleted. Recently, I started writing a book on what happened, and few days ago, I woke up in the night and continued with the book. There were so many evidence, which I deleted as I didn’t know that this was going to happen at all.

Since then, he has been trying to fight me, he has been trying to kill me; he has tried spiritually, he couldn’t get me, and now he wants to use physical power, but my God is stronger and greater than him.

Was it true that you asked your mum to go and beg him, as shown in a video with your mum and sister coming to his church to beg him; are you the one behind that or are you angry with your mum for doing that?

I would not have done that. It was a betrayal to me, but I forgive my mum because anybody in her position will do the same and it is because of how big the man is, that is why my mum is scared. This man lives in a community where people are scared of him; my mum is scared of him. I know what I am saying is true…

Especially when you know that something went on between the two of you?

Yeah. A man of God would have given the issue to his lawyer and say that he didn’t know the girl. And you call yourself an Apostle, how are you teaching people the way of God? He wanted to silence me; that is what exactly he wanted to do. I wouldn’t appreciate people asking me for more evidence.

As I have presented my own bank statement, he should bring his own. He and I were in Europe together, he should show his passport that was June 2015, in Italy.

Were you actually in love with him, and if you were, do still have any feeling for him given what has happened?

He lied to me, telling me that he and his wife were not going to be together anymore. That was why I followed him with the marriage proposal. So, for him to lie… and then gave me something to drink, I don’t believe he’s a man of God.

Image result for stephanie otobo new pictures I don’t have anything to say to him than for him to go ask God for forgiveness because God would still forgive him.

With what has happened, he scammed you, that is marriage scam?

Yes, he promised me marriage and made me to lose my house; he promised car, everything. He told me he had divorced his wife, and the pictures would be out soon. He said I should not be worried and because of his personality that he couldn’t just speak out on the divorce issue.

During this controversy, pictures with his wife were released to the public, showing public display of affection, how do you feel?

I thank God for his wife. That is what a home is supposed to be, and I wish I could say sorry to her, that I didn’t know her husband was lying. I’m happy for her and her marriage and that is what I pray for everyone that is married.

I’m just happy, this is a wake up call for him. All he has to do before everything would end is that he owns up to the truth and apologise, because he can’t run away from it. I’m very happy for them. I’m sure his wife will be singing in her heart that she brought him back home.

This is not a big deal, it might be a wake up call, but the way he is handling it, arresting me, sending me to jail and trying to silence me before anybody would know, is not the right thing to do. You can’t treat people like that. He has made himself so much of a god that nobody who wants to turn away and give him the benefit of doubt; they just want to believe him. You can’t put yourself like that because it is not acceptable to God.

If he doesn’t peacefully change, God will disgrace him, because this is not me fighting him, it is God using me to expose him. He should own up to the truth and apologise.

What do want Nigerians to do for you now?

I want to apologise for the part that I played in all of this. This whole thing just happened suddenly and many people who had faith in this man were all disappointed. I’m sorry but this is the truth. I’m sorry this happened, and I’m sorry for the part I played in this.

Some men of God who erred came out openly to admit their guilt and apologised…

Yes, but not wanting to kill. If he has not done it before, he would be scared to do all these things. He’s trying to talk to government here in order cause me some immigration problems in Canada.

I’m suing him in Canada, but I don’t know if that is coming up now. My lawyer will bring that up.

Concerning the prayers and night vigil you said you have been holding, what are you asking God to do?

I’m telling God to let the truth come out and for protection as well. The word of God says no weapon formed against me shall prosper; and any tongue that rises against me shall be condemned. God’s word is power and I have that in mind, that God is protecting me.

Who is going to give Suleman the opportunity to wake up and harm me? Is it not God, and now that he is lying, he doesn’t have that opportunity to hurt me because he has to own up to the truth first before he can do any other thing. He can’t hurt me.

I’m sure you will be glad to have a man who will accept you the way you are?

For that one, I’m very okay. I’m minding my music because I’m releasing it someday soon.

Will this experience form the focus of the album you want to release?

Of course, the experience is part of it. It is a gospel song entitled, I depend on you. By God’s grace, I have been so busy and everything will settle when the truth comes out.

Has there been any communication between the two of you either directly or indirectly?


You are no longer having any feeling, especially old memory of him?

After he has arrested me and I went through hell. I don’t think I have any feeling for him. When you are in prison, you see a lot of things and make a lot of decisions.

I was asking God to have mercy upon me and I was not thinking about him. So, God showed me mercy and I have to move on with my life.



  1. fifelomo

    April 15, 2017 at 7:50 AM

    Confused soul. Suleiman and Stephanie your story is getting boring to me.

  2. iron bar

    April 15, 2017 at 12:53 PM

    The drama is not welcoming any longer and wonder who will buy and read such book.both sides should raise legal team to nail the issue once and for all.

  3. froshie

    April 15, 2017 at 12:53 PM

    You’re praying for what can never happen…he can’t admit to what you’re accusing him for. if everything’s actually true.. just let it go and yourself should pray for forgiveness…

    I don waka

  4. Otobotheking

    April 15, 2017 at 2:00 PM

    Girl,your new name should be Stephanie Otobo;the great Liar

    Go to sleep girl! You are a liar

  5. Brave Hunter

    April 15, 2017 at 4:10 PM

    AS I SEE IT, the only truth that need to come out in this case is for God to expose all the people sponsoring you to bring down this man.

    AGAIN, YOU BETTER start considering apologising to the Apostle before it is too late for you to do so, lying bitch from hell.

    I take a stroll…

    • Jilo

      April 16, 2017 at 4:38 PM

      Brave Hunter, as brave as you are, I cant believe you can stand behind this man and castigate this girl as instrument used in sponsoring to bring Suleiman down. Who is he that you think he cannot commit a sin? with all these verifiable facts. For the fact that he has spoken against Fulani herdsmen does not negate the fact that he didn’t sleep with that girl. This is a separate issue entirely.

      If you want to follow a good leader, do not just follow him blindly. If a blind man leads another blind man both will fall together into a pit; Check your scripture the book of Matthew. Apostle Suleiman is a blind man try to lead innocent congregants astray. Whatever this guy does has either negative or positive impact on his followers. We cannot just ignore this issue as one of the commenters “Star” has suggested. If an ordinary individual had done this, it not a biggie because we are all sinners but as for a Pastor who came out to prove to the world that he was a saint and preach against the prostitute where as, he went behind and slept with that prostitute and forcefully aborted pregnancy for her is a big concern to Christendom.

      In as much this self acclaimed pastor allowed himself to be used by evil spirit he should come out to apologize first to the God and people who he has betrayed. I myself understand it won’t be easy for him to do but a God fearing Pastor would have done the right thing to end this issue without escalating it further.

    • Public enemy

      April 16, 2017 at 11:01 PM

      You guys here is under darkness , you trusted and believed you
      can find Christ in church, you find him in your heart!
      It has never occurred to you people that Christianity has taken
      another level since early 2000.
      It is only in your poor nations that out of hardships
      that all has ran to churches. It’s just laziness.
      Manner never falls from heaven,what you work for
      is what you reap, going to churches instead of being
      Creatives will rather make you poorer

  6. james

    April 15, 2017 at 5:40 PM

    Girl if it true that God is using you to expose him go ahead you need not to ask him for any public apology pls.

  7. Star

    April 15, 2017 at 7:21 PM

    Enough already pls. From every indication, according to what you said, the apostle did not rape nor force you into any relationship. You are an adult who made a decision based on your judgement. We were not there when you were enjoying the relationship with gifts and love. If he gave you something to drink, you made the decision to drink it. Pls deal with the consequences of your own actions and decisions and stop disturbing our peace. I believe you are doing this out of spite but you have to remember that whatever goes around comes around. There is no where in the world where someone must marry you if he/she promise you marriage. Aside from the fact that this man is a man of God, he is also a father with little children. You can write books, release songs, act movies, become famous without defaming anyone. You can succeed in life only by the Grace of God. Pls seek advice from intelligent people and stop making a mockery of yourself. Are we supposed to applaud you for sleeping with a married man of God ?. Since when has this become a great achievement?. What would you gain from bringing down his ministry?. Remember, no one is perfect and he without sin should cast the first stone. If the apostle was in a sinful relationship, realized his mistakes and pulled out….that’s because he is only human . This woman is highly misguided and seriously needs God’s intervention. What really is the purpose of all these?

  8. Charles Ezigbo

    April 15, 2017 at 8:04 PM

    Apostle Johnson Suleman should try and settled this case in Nigeria before Stephanie sue him in Canada. 500 million naira is a little over one million Canadian dollars which is nothing. Pay her and be very careful next time

  9. Endurance

    April 15, 2017 at 9:25 PM

    @Brave Hunter so you mean after UBA bank statement has revealed that apostle suleman indeed sent several money to Otobo,you still don’t believe this girl? What else do we still need to confirm the credibility of this whole drama? Let’s stop viewing this men of God as infallible who can’t commit sin. Let’s stop worshiping pastor.

  10. jamsolong1

    April 15, 2017 at 10:29 PM

    this girl didnt just woke up and accused other pastors except suleman, and some people still stupid enough to accuse her for exposing pastor suleman. wake up naija people what wrong with you all. im totally tire of naija’s attitude toward this innocent lady. she was a victim and betrayal of love. you all need to leave her alone for God’s sake. you all can continue pay your titthes for pastor suleman to enjoy his life till God will surely judje everybody. Stop calling her all kind of names. plssss.

  11. Mon

    April 16, 2017 at 2:10 AM

    It’s hard to figure out the planet we Nigerians came from….we should stop being “Religionist” and taking away moral values.

    Stop calling this lady names because Pastor/Appostle said so, every human being is capable of committing sin. Stephenie and Suleman knows the truth and only God will Judge the matter because at the end if she wins in court people will say El rufai influenced the case, and if he wins,people will say he bribe his way.

    Nigerians should Stop WORSHIPING pastors and money. YESHUA is the KING,tested and proven, today reminds us the fact,no one can cover it up, death can not even stop HIM.

    Happy Easter to everyone.

  12. Fabian

    April 16, 2017 at 1:01 PM

    I Smell Political Black Mail Sent By Buhari and Erufai…
    The Question here is :is it Working???
    That so-called Lady is been Paid to Lie nd make up stories ,thats d work of money n Political Revenge

  13. Fabian

    April 16, 2017 at 1:02 PM

    I Smell Political Black Mail Sent By B**ari and E**fai…
    The Question here is :is it Working???
    That so-called Lady is been Paid to Lie nd make up stories ,thats d work of money n Political Revenge

  14. baby

    April 16, 2017 at 2:48 PM

    Otobo enough of all this rubbish, even if is true he didn’t force, I guess you enjoy your self well well, suleman has return to Christ allow him to do the work of God, you Jezebel, I believe is a set up, because if you enjoy your self and he gave you what you needed no need to expose him,why not pray for God to forgive both of you, a woman like you is not ready to settle with a man rather you prefer breaking another woman marriage, you Jezebel repent before jehu will come after you.

  15. baby

    April 16, 2017 at 2:57 PM

    Oto in Igbo means honey pot, obo in Yoruba means honey pot, steph means honey pot infection that means you are born prostitute, ashawa,eleberu,akwunaakwuna,kwanagida etc looking for who to distroy

  16. Lola O

    April 17, 2017 at 10:58 PM

    Shut the hell up, SHAMELESS WOMAN. He never lied that he was married, and you are not blind. This is where your lust for money led you. You tried to destroy another woman’s marriage and now want to write a book? Which moron wants to read your story? What woman in her senses dates a married man on the baseless promise that he was going to eventually leave his wife for her? Would you have hung in there if he was a poor okada motorcycle driver? Money was the incentive. Obviously, you were not well raised. Your mother did not teach you morals. I would bury my head in shame, if I was your mother. Stupid girl.

  17. blessing

    April 18, 2017 at 4:25 PM

    You are not even ashamed of womanhood and you call yourself a gospel singer, what is your damn problem with the man of God. You are just trying to make a scene to bring the man of God down.. go and make your fame in another way and stop making fame through the man of God, better look for else where to settle down and stop disturbing our citizen with your rubbish talk..its not your fault sha.

  18. Nicky ruth

    September 9, 2017 at 2:22 PM

    U this so called Stephanie or what ever u are called, may Jehovah God have mercy on your soul.

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