Stephen Keshi Resigns: Nigerian Super Eagles Coach Tenders Resignation Letter Hours After Victory


stephen keshi resigns

Feb 11, 2013 – Stephen Keshi Resigns; Nigerian Super Eagles Coach Tenders Resignation Letter Hours After Victory

Super eagles‘ new coach, Stephen Keshi has tendered his resignation letter hours after bringing Nigeria to victory in the African Cup of Nations 2013, a landmark achievement 19 years after Tunisia 94 victory.

According to sources, Stephen Keshi is currently awaiting NFF’s response to his resignation letter.

Why Did Stephen Keshi Resign?

Stephen Keshi resigned over unpaid salaries and lack of his own official car.


Though it leaves a sour taste in our mouths as we savour Eagles nations’ cup victory after waiting for 19 odd years, Keshi’s resignation is a necessary protest. The nation’s football administrators are simply beyond the pale.

The Glass House, where the nation’s football was killed and buried long ago, was so sure Keshi and wards were not going anywhere at the nations cup. In fact while Nigerians fasted and prayed for Keshi and his young team to do the impossible, the Glass House was praying the opposite prayer – may the Eagles fail and fail woefully.

The reason for their re-flux prayer is simple: with the team down and out, the officials can corner their allowances and push for the sack of the coach and replace him with a foreign one. What can Nigerians do in such circumstance? Who could have backed Keshi when the media sponsored stories were already making the round that he carried only his kinsmen to South Africa? After all, they cleverly inserted in the contract that Keshi must reach semi final to keep his job so that they were working on it was a Nigerian thing. But shouldn’t they have allowed him to fail than making arrangements in advance to his ease him out?

The football house was not working for the team’s success. Keshi is owned so much to the point that Mike Adunuga is said to be offering to take over Keshi’s salary from March. But the question remains: is Keshi working for Adenuga or for Nigeria?

In fact, it was gathered that that there was no arrangement for the eagles from the Nigeria football officials beyond the group stage. They were so sure that they would cave in under Côte d’Ivoire that their return tickets were already being confirmed for the day after the Quarter final match. It should be such a terrible experience for Keshi and his boys to work and play under such pressure and callousness.

No matter what, Keshi must not be allowed to go. World Cup qualifiers will start in about 5 weeks and no new coach can do much tinkering of the young team at the this time.

If anybody needs the booth now, it is those inept guys at the football Glass House, whose only contribution to the development of football in Nigeria is lining their pockets with players’ welfare funds.

It is said that those who live in glasshouse shouldn’t through stones. Yet these guys in the football Glass House are hauling stones and expect their victims to do nothing.