Strange Goat Causes Fatal Accident On Ibadan Abeokuta Expressway, Mother Dies, Baby Survives

strange goat ibadan accident

Sept 23, 2015-  Strange Goat Causes Car To Land Into A Ditch On Ibadan Abeokuta Expressway, Mother Dies, 8-Month-old Baby Survives

A middle-aged nursing mother died yesterday in an accident on the Ibadan-Abeokuta Expressway. Her eight-month old baby survived the incident.

It was gathered that a Toyota Sienna, with registration number Lagos BFG 113 DE, was travelling from Abuja to Abeokuta, Ogun State, when it landed in a ditch.

The deceased was among the seven passengers on board when the accident occurred at Eleso village at 12.15am yesterday.

A stray goat allegedly caused the accident.

The victim, identified as Mrs Jumoke Sodiq, was travelling for the Sallah celebration.

A police officer from the Traffic Section of the Apata Police Station, Ben Onoja, said the vehicle loaded its passengers from Abuja and was headed for Abeokuta, Ogun State.

According to some of the survivors, the driver was speeding when a goat suddenly crossed the road.

“In an attempt to avoid hitting the goat, the driver swerved and skipped off the road.

“The vehicle somersaulted several times before it ended in a ditch. We were shouting, unable to open the doors, until a Good Samaritan broke the windscreen. Many other people joined later to rescue us,” a survivor, Mrs Sadiat said.

An eyewitness, Lanre Amoo, narrated how the baby and her mother were discovered an hour after other passengers were rescued.

He said: “Many of us thought all the passengers have been rescued.

“It was more than one hour later when one of the passengers raised the alarm that there was still one more passenger in the car.

“So, immediately we rushed back into the bush and saw the woman’s leg trapped. We started lifting her out.

“But, we were surprised when her baby suddenly fell from her hand. We took the baby and brought the woman out. She was in a coma when we brought her out.

“There was no one at that hour to take her to the hospital, which is far away. We called the Apata Police Station for help, but the officer, Mr Sunday,  said there was no fuel in their vehicle .

“We later discovered that the woman had died. The baby is still with us here; we are making effort to reach her relatives.”

The woman’s remains have been taken to the Adeoyo State Hospital. The baby is still with the police. [The Nation]

11 thoughts on “Strange Goat Causes Fatal Accident On Ibadan Abeokuta Expressway, Mother Dies, Baby Survives

  1. This issue of no fuel in police vehicle has always been a reocuring issue, is it that the Govement does not provide fuel alowance for the operation of these vehicles? The acident is not what killed the woman, it is the legligence of the police to do their work that killed the woman.

  2. this police are very something else imaging no fuel, what of all the bill money, bribe, and other evils money which they can used to buy fuel God have mercy. may the soul of the woman rlp

  3. Only in Naija, Police,Abulance have no fuel,Amry no weapon to fight Boko Harm if they need them,thank u God fro bring me out of Land of darkness and backwardness call nigeria. majority of Accident happen in naija,and people die, is lack of urgent help ,i have no words to say.police vehicle no fuel,but few in leadership, milk billiobs of dollars and walk free in street.

  4. Police said no fuel in dia vehicle to help a dying woman!!pls buhari sack dat police officer without wasting tym!what are they dia 4 huh!!may God help us oo!!

  5. Imagin driver dugging goat to kill human, why dint u kill the goat @once. Hmm Naija police, corruption has taken over the country…. No fuel to take her to the hospital but there is fuel to take her to the motuary. May God hav mercy on u.

  6. The driver should have killed the “strange” goat crossing the road at past midnight. Ordinary goats are not on the streets at that time of the night, goats are not wild animals or bush meat. What was the point not wanting to hit the goat now resulting the in loss of a human life? Except it is a human being, anything crossing the road at night should be run over, provided it will not put the live of the driver or others at risk. May God have mercy on that young mother’s soul and take care of that innocent child.

  7. They should have promised the idiot police fuel and some coins to stimulate their fake service at least.

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