Tanzanian Traffic Police Officers Pictured Kissing In Public Fired

tanzanian traffic police kissing

Oct 14, 2014 – Tanzanian Traffic Policeman & Woman Pictured Kissing In Public Sacked

3 Traffic police officers (a woman & two men) in Tanzania have lost their job when they were caught kissing in public.

According to Zambian Post, the officers were sacked on ground of misconduct on official duty.

Asumba Mwasumbi & Veronica Mdeme (pictured above) were sacked for kissing each other in the course of their official duty while the other officer, Fadhiri Linga was also fired for taking the picture with his phone and sharing it online.

The photos that went viral on the social media prompted their immediate dismissal from service.

The lady, Veronica Mmede is a married mother of two, what a shame!!

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