Taraba State House Of Assembly Speaker Escapes Assassination (Haruna Tsokwa)

taraba house speaker escapes assassination

Sept 19, 2013 – Taraba State House Of Assembly Speaker Hon Haruna Tsokwa Escapes Assassination Attempt

Hon. Senator Haruna Tsokwa is happy to be alive today after escaping an obvious assassination attempt by some masked gunmen.

The attack happened at Bade town in between Kaduna and Nasarawa.

According to a source, the gunmen that came in batch fired several gunshots at the car conveying Hon Tsokwa but none touched him.

One of Tsokwa’s security guards, a police officer, was however shot.  He was rushed to the hospital after the attackers were overpowered.  They subsequently escaped.

Tsokwa has been in the middle of deep political controversy since Governor Suntai returned from America.

Due to Suntai’s brain injury, Hon Tsokwa has strongly opposed his return to office.

9 thoughts on “Taraba State House Of Assembly Speaker Escapes Assassination (Haruna Tsokwa)

    • oga DF remember you are God candidate i
      right from your strogle to become member your enemies who unfortunetly are ure friends refused ur victory as an act God and so continued with their evel pland against you from nowhere God supriesed them and brouth u as speaker yet they are inn
      not satisfied now is the use of gun men against u please hold unto your faith ignor them God brouth u did that for purpose He will surely protect you carry go .

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