Tears As Kidnappers Move Igbonla Students To Niger Delta Creek

students kidnapped from Igbonla moved to niger delta

June 5, 2017 – Tears As Kidnappers Of Igbonla Students Fail To Show Up To Collect N2Million From Parents

There were fears yesterday that the six abducted Lagos State Model College pupils might have again been moved by their kidnappers.

It was the second time, sources told The Nation that the pupils would be relocated since they were kidnapped in May 25.

It was learnt that they might have been moved to a creek in Niger Delta, following their parents alleged failure to pay the N2million ransom demanded on each child.

But the kidnappers were said to have failed to show up yesterday to collect a N2million ransom allegedly taken to a designated spot in Odogunyan, Ikorodu.

It was gathered that the kidnappers had since Friday asked the parent to take the money to different spots, but each time he went, no one came to collect it.

They were also said to have told the parent to wear the same dress he wore the first time they asked him to bring the money, so that their emissary could identify him.

Despite complying with instructions, the parent, it was gathered, was kept waiting for over four hours, after which he was asked to return home, once again.

The Nation gathered that the kidnappers initially accused the parent of not keeping the appointment but when he described some of the things he saw at the locations, they told him to go home that they would get back to him.

It was learnt that the parent demanded to speak to his child but he was not obliged.

The pupils were first moved last weekend, two days after their abduction.

But, three members of the gang who went to survey the waterways before the relocation were arrested in Benin, the Edo State capital, by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Intelligence Response Team (IRT) operatives last Tuesday.

Policemen comprising those from the Lagos State Command, Marine Unit and the IRT, who stormed the first camp where the pupils were kept, engaged some kidnappers there in a gun battle.

[The Nation]

3 thoughts on “Tears As Kidnappers Move Igbonla Students To Niger Delta Creek

  1. I WONDER THE KIND OF youths we shall have in the next decade..kidnapping pupils for mere 2m ransom which they do not even want to accept from their victims families.i can imagine what the are passing through.when caught,they will blame it on the devil.they should channel their energy to their representatives in the upper and lower assembly and flog them merclessly in the market square and leave small pikin alone.such act is pure cowardice on their part and should face the music when the chips are down.

  2. This is completely an embarrassing situation to Nigerian security and the law enforcement agencies that they do not have any security technology to track where about these kids within lagos. This is not the case of sambisa forest.

  3. Keep it real They took them in a boat through creek. By that it is very difficult to to trace. They may stop their boats at any bush corner come out with the children go inside unknown forest. These militants are heartless devils.

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