The Day The Sun Wept At Aluu – Dedicated To 4 Uniport Students Killed In Port Harcourt

uniport students killed

Oct 9, 2012 – The Day The Sun Wept At Aluu – Dedicated To 4 Uniport Students Killed In Port Harcourt

Here is a beautiful poem dedicated to the 4 Uniport students tortured and killed by Aluu villagers on Friday Oct 5, 2012.

From top left to bottom right above, here are the identities of the murdered students.

1 Ugonna Kelechi Obuzor200 level Geology student
2 Tekenah Elkannah200 level Computer Science student
3 Llyod Michael aka Big L200 level Civil Engineering student
4 Chidiaka Biringa200 level Theatre Arts student

(Dedicated to the four UNIPORT students who lost their lives at ALUU)

Is man God? Is man a man or a beast?

Was he in the likeness of God created or in the darkness of demons manufactured?

Who is man? Is it an animal or a being? Produced or recycled?

Who is man that the life of another he should take and feed on bloody feast?

Is man man or a higher beast? Ravaging, devouring, molesting, mutilating even it own kind-a twist

Pro-life, we are living, you want to live, why ask another to die? Cannibals modernly geared

Shame on mankind, shame on us, if we see and refuse to speak, curse, curse on us if we just watch on, he tried

What is man a yeast or a beast?Why do men live to judge another’s unrighteousness -a gist

Did you watch the video? Of the melancholic four and not three? What is the law?

Aluu you are cursed. Blood curses you. Man’s unrighteousness woes you.The hands of the bloody shall reap no fruit

Oh! Ugonna, Ilyod,Tekena and Chidiaka rest in peace to hunt their sleep, give them blood

The video was on, no one called the corps, no one asked them to stop,touts judging university students-I saw

I wept, I weep, I wail, Nigeria is this the effort of our hero’s past? Who amongst us is holier than? Mad recruit!

He told them he paid his fees the day before, he pleaded, they pleaded, no one to save them. We shall all die-bad or good

By Prince Michael Nku Abuo,JP. Excerpts from THOUGHTS OF A RAINFOREST