Aluu Village: The Abominable Land That Eats Men

aluu village  murder

Oct 9, 2012 – Aluu Village: The Abominable Land That Eats Men

Here is a poem that depicts the situation in Aluu village in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.

Aluu is a land filled with abominable people who take pride in killing the innocent. Imagine the foolish men and women looking as 4 innocent students were being killed right in front of them.

Tell me, can’t anyone notify the law enforcement officials as they were been led to the slaughter.

Aluu you will know no peace for shedding the blood of the innocent.

A Strange Land ‘Aluu’

Tell me what the name ‘aluu’ means, I hear the sky whisper ‘abomination’

A strange Land- ‘aluu’
A land I know not
The ground that that never swallowed my placenta
A strange land I was sojourned
The same sand I walked on.

In the quest for knowledge
In the pursuit for mental liberation, I met my end
The desired end I dreamt of was shattered by a people within.

I prayed for a fruitful day at dawn
Instead I was offered a bitter tale I struggled to but couldn’t tell
The same people within.

Oh! How my blood turns cold in my helpless watch
My blood cried for hope as each stick hits my scalp
Oh! Their scream for death suppresses my heart beat.

My nakedness was made public with shame as my cover
My nakedness meant nothing to me; all I cared was to be heard
All ears was deaf but the whispers of death
No hope is all I hear; helpless is all I see in the weakening lid of my friends.
Our soul paths in same way

Mama, I cried for the love I felt I outgrown again
Papa I yearned for your spank than these barbarians on me

Did God watch too or was heart broken again for his own creation?
Did mama feel her heart melt as I painfully transformed into a ghost?
Would my sin be matched with my own kind of death? Hmm… This is my Golgotha

The machete to my head, the tires around my neck,
The scream from my soul, my joy and pain, my faith,
My curse, my destiny, my forgiveness, my spit, my urine, my tears, my blood.

A land I know not, ALUU took it all
Mama please do something
Papa! Papa!! Papa!!!
A strange Land took it all.
Nwazuosa nkem kennedy. “Just whispering”(