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The Love Child Ubi Franklin Kept Secret From Lilian Esoro Arrives Nigeria From London UK [PHOTOS]

ubi franklin secret child arrive nigeria london

December 14, 2017 – Ubi Franklin’s First Daughter Zaneta Franklin Arrives Nigeria From London UK

The Love Child Ubi Franklin Kept Secret From Lilian Esoro Arrives Nigeria From London UK 

One of the reasons Lilian Esoro’s marriage to serial entrepreneur Ubi Franklin crashed is the existence of  a love child he refused to tell her before they got married and when Esoro found out by herself around the time the actor was caught in bed with another actress, Stephanie, she found it really hard to forgive him.

This led to her packing out of her husband’s home.

Till today, Lilian Esoro who seems to have made up her mind is yet to look back.

ubi franklin secret child arrive nigeria london

Zaneta Franklin and her mother returned to Nigeria from the UK yesterday and Ubi Franklin welcomed them with open arms.

We are still unsure if Mr Franklin and Zaneta’s mother are still in talking terms.

Just as Zaneta returned from UK, Franklin took to Instagram to send this indirect message to Lilian Esoro.

Image result for lilian esoro wedding photo naijagists

Ubi Franklin and Lilian Esoro’s union produced a boy named Jayden Franklin.




  1. Shittu Oluwaseun

    December 14, 2017 at 3:40 AM

    Ubi Franklin should take the blame. Some women don’t like competition and Lilian Esoro is one of such. They like to start clean with no baby mama drama. I think Ubi franklin is selfish and wicked, why turn this beautiful damsel into a baby mama. I really pity her.

  2. fifelomo

    December 14, 2017 at 7:13 AM


  3. Mercy Kings

    December 14, 2017 at 12:16 PM

    Wait, is the Franklin “boy” actually trying to shade Lilian?
    For crying out loud, he is a lousy fellow. He started off his marriage with her on a foundation of deception and infidelity. Who wants that kind of husband? Well, thank God she has enough confidence and strength to walk out of the marriage when she did. Who knows what other “surprises” she would have encountered just because she answer Mrs Ubi.

  4. Mercy Kings

    December 14, 2017 at 12:26 PM

    Would he have been forgiving if he found out she had a baby with someone else and kept that piece of information hidden from him and then goes ahead to add salt to the injury by committing adultery?
    A new marriage fah?
    Uncle, remove the log of wood in your eye so you can see clearly to remove the speck of wood in another’s eye. You sabi bible reach like that, yet you couldn’t apply it to yourself when it had to do with honesty and faithfulness in your marriage. Yet you demand it of her? Guy needs a thorough mental evaluation. Better release your son to her to raise because she will obviously do a better job than you.

  5. iron bar

    December 14, 2017 at 6:01 PM


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