The Most Beautiful Model In Nigeria Tourism, Adaeze Aduaka Signs Mega Deal

adaeze aduaka

September 14, 2015 – The Most Beautiful Model In Nigeria Tourism, Adaeze Aduaka Becomes Anambra International Market Ambassador

The profile of the reigning Most Beautiful Model In Nigeria Tourism, Queen Adaeze Aduaka is rising speedily since her emergence as she was yesterday signed as an Ambassador of the newly built architectural ‎ masterpiece of Anambra International Market in Oba. The market is said to house over 20,000 well designed stalls of various kind of completion.

The outspoken beauty queen who recently championed a lead role in a nollywood movie was unveiled as the Ambassador of the international Anambra state market edifice by the Bukham Group with her images on billboards in major locations in the street of Anambra state. Queen Adaeze Aduaka was given so‎me mega financial insentives with advantage of been part of the projects of the market and stalls.

As at press time, allocations have ‎started at the market as traders, international investors, residents have besieged the market to book for stores and stalls spaces. The market is said to contain police post, post office, pipe borne water, electricity, office apartments, medical centre, traders lodge and car park for over 30,000 vehicles. There are complexes for Banks, foriegn exchange units, stock exchange units, insurance, travel agencies, data collection and communication centre. The market is enriched by independent power supply and 24- hour security patrol among many other things.

The Most Beautiful Model in Nigeria Tourism is expected to be in Abuja next week for a press conference and as a guest at the Miss Ambassador For Peace grand finale holding on 24th at Sheraton Hotels and towers.‎

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11 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Model In Nigeria Tourism, Adaeze Aduaka Signs Mega Deal

  1. Beautiful lady indeed. The epitome of natural beauty. I will take African women any day anytime anywhere. Beautiful, sensuous, elegant. All natural.

  2. So na who is that man weyris carry mozul to de poshuu her up and down. Are they tell him say is like that wey mens are poshuu womens? Nonsens.
    Baby make you not minding him. You fine today. So I am say make you enjoy wetin they are give you now bicos very soon you are dey old and is wowo and no one is remembers you again.

  3. wow! this igbo girl fine o,let me toast her now befor these bad belle guys wey dey by her side collect her frm me o.hmmm adaeze fine girl u really look like nwaeze,my name is buzu-k,am the owner of sambisa-forest and river-niger,if u accept to b my girlfriend i will buy u two private jets,one for urself and d other one for u hand-bag jst to show i cherish ur beauty,and if u decide to marry me,i will buy u ticket to heaven bcus people like u dont deserve to go to hell.ego pasara.

  4. Its hard not to be beautiful after consuming a lot of “Ukwa, Akpaka, Abachar, Ofe olugbo, Ora, Ishi-ewu etc…
    The Ibo people have good food that in turn produces the likes of Adaeze, Genvieve etc…

    She‘s no doubt, a living Angel. Her parents must be proud of her too.
    Wonder who‘s gono woo this lady for a wife now at the end of the day… Emmmm… Let me say perhaps somebody like Met.. ? Ok, I did not say anything sha.
    THE FACT REMAINS that, when the right man gets the right woman…

    I take a stroll…

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