The Noah Ark Encounter Park In Williamstown KY: American Builds $90M Replica Of Biblical Noah’s Ark

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May 12, 2016 – Pictures: American Man Spends $90Million To Build Noah’s Ark Replica, Creation Museum Founder Ken Ham Begins A Mega Project

  • The Noah Ark Encounter Park In Williamstown Kentucky Pictures: American Builds $90Million Replica Of Biblical Noah’s Ark
  • Ken Ham’s New Invention Opens On July 7,2016 In Williamstown, Kentucky

The founder of The Creation Museum in Kentucky is set to wrap up the construction of a 500-foot long replica of Noah’s Ark.

The world’s largest timber-framed building is the wooden replica of the biblical Noah’s Ark.

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Inside the ark will be several exhibits featuring Noah and his family with useful information to help Christians learn more about the bible.

The Noah Ark Encounter Park In Williamstown KentuckyKen Ham

Ken Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis is the brain behind the Noah’s Ark-themed amusement park in Williamstown Kentucky.

It will open to the public on the 7th of July 2016. The Noah’s Ark replica will look exactly like the park in the photos below

13 thoughts on “The Noah Ark Encounter Park In Williamstown KY: American Builds $90M Replica Of Biblical Noah’s Ark

  1. This is quite an initiative. The story of Noah would be brought home to whoever visits that building. It is a reminder of man’s wickedness and rebelliousness that forced God to destroy the world in a flood about 6,000 years ago. Noah’s Ark, after the flood, rested on Mount Ararat in the present day Turkey. But just recently, Oba Adeyeye Oguwunsi of Ile Ife put up an outrageous claim that the ark is in his kingdom.

  2. Woooooow!!! I’ll love to visit the Ark. I only wish there be no encounter with live creepy objects for those are not up my creek at all.
    Congratulations to the architects of this beautiful idea.

  3. Modern day Noah with a fine neck tie, big ups. I believe every single words of the Holy Bible. I dont really need the replica of anything to believe the Bible, just as I dont really need to visit Jerusalem to believe that Jesus died for me and the whole World as a sacrificial Lamb of God for the remission of our sins on the cross of calvary.

    The Holy Bible is the greatest book ever been and ever shall be. It is called “The Holy Bible“ bcos any other book that claims to be holy apart from the Bible is Falacious, Decietful or Blasphemy. Only the Bible is HOLY.

    Many Books can INFORM you but only the Holy Bible can TRANSFORM you.

    I take a stroll…

  4. @Big Aunty Koks, there would not be live animals in the ark, only object replicas. So you may visit there without worries.

    @Sharp Shooter, nice comment by you.

  5. Woah! Dis z wonderful..great americans.
    Some pple re just blessed and wrapped wit wisdom..
    God pls don’t leave me too behind dis ur precious gift

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