Photo: Bayelsa DSS Officer, Andrew Maduku Killed By Angry Youth In Oghara Delta State

dss official killed delta state

May 12, 2016 – Picture: Bayelsa SSS Operative, Andrew Maduku Burnt To Death By Angry Youth In Oghara Delta State


Andrew Maduku Burnt Alive As Angry Youth Retaliates

43-year-old Andrew Maduku, a DSS operative attached to Bayelsa State was on vacation in Delta State last week when he had a scuffle with a youth in Oghara.

The scuffle led to him reporting the unidentified suspect to the police which later resulted in the suspect’s arrest.

On Saturday, while relaxing at his family home, the suspect who had been stalking him poured petrol on the victim and set him ablaze.

Mr Maduku died of 86 degree burns he sustained from the attack on Sunday the 8th of May 2016.

The suspect has been arrested.

10 thoughts on “Photo: Bayelsa DSS Officer, Andrew Maduku Killed By Angry Youth In Oghara Delta State

  1. RIP Andrew, The idiot is senseless. Now of what need is to commit a crime of an obvious link. Go and rot in jail. Trust the operatives you will go the same way, an unquestionable extra judicial way.

  2. book haram has been killing people same way be the fg granted them amnesty. it means there is no more crime in Nigeria. no need to arrest any body that committed crime

  3. Nawao! Just like that..
    What a heartless being.
    Thank almighty d beast has been arrested 2 face d wrath of law.
    May his soul rip

  4. DSS is a spy organization, he suppose to report secretly and not openly and maybe and as an analyst that I am, I think he confronted them before reporting to police that is how the get to know .

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