These Funny African Names Will Crack You Up

funny namibian names

July 30, 2016 – The Names On These Namibian ID Cards Will Crack You Up

Let’s not laugh alone.

For the sake of those who couldn’t view the photos… here are the names

  • Shaanika Matheus Forgive Them
  • Sackaria Ellina Happy Birthday
  • Amakali Emmanuel Very Important Person

  • Tjiuoneka Why God …LOL. Wetin consign God for this matter..

15 thoughts on “These Funny African Names Will Crack You Up

  1. Hahaha! Their parents don see shege. And all of then are from Namibia. Imagine Forgive Them, or Why God. Who knows what their village people had done to their parents?

  2. Africans are very passionate people that tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Whatever situation they passed through in life at the time their baby is born becomes the child’s name. These unusual names are noticed because they are answered using a more universal language…English, so most people understand the meanings. In Nigeria most of such names are answered using the individual vernacular and since we have so many languages we might not notice how odd some of the Nigerian names sound. I know some names that translate as….. Farm Road, Farm, Market, Hardluck, Who Knows, Fine Face, Gone Tomorrow,Death,Life,Sorrow,Tears, Do Not Let It Happen To Me, Seven, Rock, Witch, Thief, Stronghold etc. The list is endless. Then we have some names of days of the week and these sometimes combined with similar surnames to bring hilarious names like….. Thursday Saturday, Wednesday Sabbath etc.
    While I would not say the imagination of parents are wicked for naming their children so, I do feel for people answering such unusual names for it would not have been fun in their growing up years, when they would have taken serious ribbing by peers in school and kept miserable due to being so named.

  3. Ha hahah too funny. And the government of Namibia accepted this mere titles from people and eventually printed out there national identity card with it? Are they serious at all?

  4. hahaha.common sense no common at all..this kin people go chase ferarri on foot hoping they will over take them on the road

  5. Former Secretary of State under George Bush is called Mrs Rice And I’ve seen a teacher bearing miss white and a colleague bearing Mrs kitchen here in UK

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