This Ghanaian Vs Nigerian Words Pronunciation Is The Biggest Lie Of The Year

nigeria ghana words pronounciation

April 22, 2016 – This Ghanaian Vs Nigerian Words Pronunciation Is The Biggest Lie Of The Year

What is the difference between a Ghanaian and a Nigerian accent.

A clear case of pot calling the kettle black.

17 thoughts on “This Ghanaian Vs Nigerian Words Pronunciation Is The Biggest Lie Of The Year

  1. Ghanaians have inferiorty complex that is my take on this
    oh by the way an average Nigerian is more exposed and well educated than Ghanaians

  2. When I was abroad I saw how much the Ghanaians envied Nigerians and its a shock I’d long adjusted to. Conclusion, they do not deserve our sympathy, only our mockery. With their imaginary poverty accents in their lives heads, I no blame them. They be in patients no matter where they go. Mumus!

  3. The Ghanians generally pronounce words better than Nigerians, but the Nigerian accent is far far far sweeter than theirs. As for this useless comparism, it must have been produced by a spiteful man on whom long hours of idleness had bestowed a drab sense of creativity.

  4. metu nyetu u on point….I dunno why others are angry here….a gud naija pal of mine use to tag me on IG on sum naija platform mkn fun of GH pple,buh why shld I get pissed,its entertainment, it doesn’t mk anyone an enemy, those talking envy,come see da number of naija pals moving away from their own abroad cos betrayal comes from within same as GH…pls Africans learn to tolrlerate n love each other,moreover inter marriages wide between GH and NAIJA…so shun da hate aii…lolz

  5. @remi surutu… just an *******, this shows how**** you are in your thinking, are you okay……exposed you say,lmao….oh yeah,guess GH is still learning A,B,C,D! NONSENSE do u knw the number of Nigerians who are schoooooling in Ghana and you sit and write bullsh***…..u soo **** minded I wonder if you even got a diploma sef……naija n GH are real cool here in Ghana,they roll like brothers n sisters all because u NVR travel u talk rubbish….if you that educated,enlighten your govt to solve light issues ok! ********

  6. Jobless is what I call the writer of this nonsense. How can you degrade Nigerians in this manner? Comparing Ghanaians that are still sleeping with civilized Nigerians. Infact, I believe the writer is ill and I suggest you go for you treatment before it gets out of hand. What rubbish!

  7. Nigeria speaks horror English and so does Ghana, so I don’t see the reason why they should try and act superior, I can’t even watch a Ghanaian movie because of the way they pronounce words eg:turkey is turkay and her is hare, this is so kettle calling pot black

  8. Nigerian speaks well in terms of english why ghaniam speaks why using there mother’s tongue.

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