Thursday Inspiration: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

change your mind change your life

April 13, 2017 – Thursday Inspiration: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Life will pressure you, It will squeeze you, it will batter you. You will have constant pressure from the world, from the devil, from circumstances, from people, even from you yourself. You can’t go through life without crisis or being pressured.

Oh yesss oh You came into this world innocent and pure but you don’t exit that way just automatically.

You will be melted but you get to choose what mould you take.

Hmmm! You don’t have to become bitter and, you don’t have to experience the defeat that this world offers you.

You’re gonna change but you get to pick what kind of change that is. So don’t be conformed, don’t be poured into the mould of this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.

This renewal is same kind of renewal that gets a little worm to spin a cocoon and come out as a beautiful butterfly.

If you want that kind of change or metamorphosis so that you begin to change from a bitter hurtful, defeated person into a victorious one that you are made to be, Then you have to RENEW YOUR MIND.

Simply put, Change your THINKING.

What you think in your mind will influence your attitude and this is what determines whether you get to experience the life of God or the apparent defeat prevalent in this life.

Find out what God says about you. Let it create new values, new attitudes and hence new experiences in your life. And then you watch yourself go from that ugly worm to a beautiful butterfly.

At the end of the day, you will find that you are just so grateful for those crisis and pressures that sought to kill you.

In conclusion, be positive in your thinking today because whatever you put in your mind will determine how you feel and how you feel will determine your next move. Your next move will determine where you will get to in life.

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