Tiwa Savage’s Fan Blasts Comedian Baba De Baba For Insulting Nigerian Celebrities


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July 31, 2015 – Tiwa Savage’s Fan Blasts Comedian Baba De Baba For Insulting Nigerian Celebrities

This is a reply to an article written by budding Comedian Baba De Baba about Tiwa Savage and Nigerian celebrities in general yesterday.

Dear Baba De Baba,

I write in regard to your recent article regarding celebrities and their babies, or should I say Tiwa specifically.

First of all, I find it greatly amusing that you chose to pick on Tiwa, is she the only celebrity that has had a child recently? Or she’s just the most popular target because ‘slamming’ her will give you a greater audience?

Secondly, your article begins with ‘I have told Nigerian celebrities..’, but who are you exactly Sir and why is your opinion relevant to any celebrity for that matter? Your comment stating that there are no witches in America is blatant display of ignorance. There are witches EVERYWHERE. The only difference is the ‘Americans’ make it look attractive. Eg: What do you think the story Harry Potter stems on?

Please do research before you talk and stop make Nigerians appear ignorant.

I assume you were trying to be funny by saying witches are now on Facebook, Twitter etc? Im not sure what mentality you have but some witches are actual educated people. A witch is simply someone with a
defiant spirit with the aim to destroy etc so witches are not limited to a specific category of people.

What you fail to realise is that celebrities are human and they can do whatever they like, whenever they like. “I was so excited hoping to see a complete baby” – you simply sound like a Tiwa Savage fan who is burnt that he can’t see the baby’s face. You seem to forget that the child is HERS and she can show whichever part of his body as she so chooses.

Tiwa baby, do as you please. You can show us his fingers tomorrow and the top of his head on Saturday. Then show us his face when you are good and ready…no pressure. If people can’t deal with it they should find the nearest transformer.

Dear celebrities flaunt your joy as much as you want. Let others see that God has been God and is worthy of the praise for how far He has brought you. You stories encourage people and motivate them to work harder, most especially as most of you worked to earn your titles.

Oga Baba, you are clearly confusing joy with pride and if indeed you meant joy then that is very worrying. Most of us had and still probably have no clue who you are and if not for this article would never have encountered you. If the plan was to advise celebrities you surely went about it the wrong way.

My advice to you is – sit down and grow your brand rather than slamming someone who has worked hard to get her name out there.

Talking about Tiwa got you 2 hours of fame, it would a good idea to tweet your youtube videos now, we might just find you funny and pay attention to you.

PS: And yes to answer the question running through your mind – Just as you had nothing better to do than to write that article, so do I also have nothing better to do this Thursday evening than to sit and compose this letter to you.

Ariyike T