Tiwa Savage’s Father Unhappy With Wedding Arrangement

tiwa savage father wedding

Nov 24, 2013 – Tiwa Savage’s Dad Unhappy With Her Wedding Arrangement

Sources who attended the wedding ceremony of Tiwa and her fiance yesterday experienced an unusual scene.

A correspondent with NET reportedly caught Tiwa Savage’s father complaining to a close family member that Tunji Balogun’s, the bridegroom’s family have hijacked the whole wedding ceremony.

The groom’s family have over taken everything and it is not supposed to be so‘, Tiwa Savage‘s dad complained angrily to a close family member.

We learnt Mr Savage further expressed his frustration when he ordered some guests from Tunji Balogun’s family side to leave their tables and sit elsewhere.

Hmmmm I think say nah only women who dey jealous.

14 thoughts on “Tiwa Savage’s Father Unhappy With Wedding Arrangement

  1. You are not even happy someone marries this harlot of ur daughter, or u are indirectly unhappy bcoz u know the guy is making a very bid mistake

  2. Must u guys always talk about ppl like that!well am very sure that who ever disclose this information to u must be so jobless!

  3. One of the management principle is planning.once there is no proper arrangement for ur guests ahead ur joyous event,pple would be disappointed.

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