Tolani Ajayi, Drug Addict Son Who Killed His Dad At Redemption Camp Confesses

The suspect

July 9, 2014 – RCCG Church Member Who Murdered His Father Confesses “I’ve Begged My Mum To Forgive Me”

Tolani Ajayi, Drug Addict Son Who Killed His Father At Redemption Camp Begs Mother For Forgiveness

The 21-year-old 300 Level student of Redeemer University who murdered his father during a prayer session at the redemption camp on Friday has confessed.

Tolani made the gruesome confession in police detention yesterday.

The alleged drug addict who looked sober further told newsmen that he had sent some people to beg his mother for forgiveness.

Read the transcript of his confession:

” I have sent some people to talk to her (my mother) that I am sorry, I have talked to my sister, my mother is still grieving I want to give her time , it may be spiritual. I have asked for forgiveness”

” I tried those drugs myself. I might have heard it from my friends but, I tried it myself.

“The incident” happened around 1:am when the church would have been sleeping by then. It was anger that led me into this. My father just bit me repeatedly with his teeth

“There was an argument between us and I stood up to him, he beat me with a stick and bit me with his teeth. Just the two of us were at home my mother was in Abuja.

” We leaved in Abuja, I schooled in Camp, he came for a programme , then, my school was on break, so, I went to meet him, we were meant to go back to Abuja together, then, the incident happened and I am here.

“It is not about the church, because I don’t miss church throughout this semester.

“My father went to the kitchen and got a stick (wooden spoon) he used it on me repeatedly and I tried to defend myself, then he bit me on my shoulder and I got angry. I used normal small kitchen knife, then, I used cutlass to attack him. I regret the action.

I am going to face my judgment, I am meant to pay for what I have done.

” It is not as if I am ready, it is something that is inevitable, something that is going to happen I am just waiting for it”.

May Charles Ajayi’s soul rest in peace.

6 thoughts on “Tolani Ajayi, Drug Addict Son Who Killed His Dad At Redemption Camp Confesses

  1. Are you sure he bit you or the evil spirit in your bite at you.
    You will be jailed for life stupid son.
    rip uncle

  2. Useless child . A bloody druggie . What could have led you to kill your father if not drugs. I hope you are killed in prison.

  3. Hmmm… Wot a serious issue, wot’ll happen to d woman now? already she has lost her husband & about loosing her son… afterall ‘omo buruku ko sa sefif’ekun paje/u don’t give a bad child to d tiger to devour now!’ o ga o, may God console u madam!

  4. Don’t you have conscience at all? OMG! you have made your mother suffered for losing your father and also to loss you soon. I just pray that God will forgive you. too bad

  5. Could this be a wake up call to parents to take parenting serious? And, not to leave them to the community, church or school to train? Sorry for the family.

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