Tonto Dikeh In Lesbianism Scandal Over Housegirl Pictures

tonto dikeh hand housegirl breasts

January 20, 2014 – Tonto Dikeh In Lesbianism Scandal Over Housemaid Pictures

In an attempt to show fans what she is made of, Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh might be risking jail.

The award-winning movie diva recently shared some romantic photos of herself and her housemaid, Onyinye having a good time at a beach on Sunday January 19th, 2014.

The actress who initially told fans she has a house help shared the photos below to authenticate her claim.

“Ma beautiful ONyinye, D woman behind all dem food ma maid,friend n sister. She had a great time. Lol may be a lil tipzy @ d end”– Tonto Dike wrote on Instagram .

Moment after sharing the photos, some fans accused her of touching the lady inappropriately. Some even suggested she is a lesbian.

Tonto Dikeh is the first Nollywood actress to ever share photos of her housemaid with fans.

Do you see anything wrong with the above picture ? To make it clearer, is Tonto Dikeh‘s left hand position appropriate?

44 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh In Lesbianism Scandal Over Housegirl Pictures

  1. naijagistsssssss una aproko too much chei, u wan get my tonto in trouble.
    abeg o 14 years too much for my pretty tonto o.
    Even the lady in red appeared uncomfortable in the picture, nice observation

    • Pls we naijas supose to be positive 4 once not every time negative thinking she cant pratice lesbianism with the litle girl & also publish it to the public boldly.

    • oge
      there is nothing wrong w her position they r female a man can hold me
      lk that i will not complain this world has become so bad pple now reason
      the other side

  2. Tonto Dikeh please repent before it is too late. U’re a lesbian and we all know that pls don’t force this innocent girl into what she is not willing to do

    • Aw Did u kno She’s a Lesnian?? Did She sleep wit ur Sister….U ppl shud @ Least get a life n back ur Claim wit a genuine Evidence b4 Conclusion….Her life is more better dan u Ppl condemnin her…She’s a Star….Been Watever names u call her……She’ll Continue making her Dough while u Haterz will Continue Hatin…..Infact Somebody shud tell me….Wu is Complete in dis life??????????????????????????????????????

  3. If she can do this outside, I wonder what she must have been doing inside.I tire for these Nollywood ladies

  4. There is nothing wrong showing love, to someone who cook’s ur meal everyday. To me i see it as an appreciation nd beside we nigeria’s we alway think negative.

  5. blessing shut up, wot do mean by nigerians always tink negative? abi u no sabi who tonto be ne? it’s she dat is always known 2 b entangled wit negative tins. always cal a spade a spade, n dnt try 2 brin smtin good 4rm shit. shikena.

    • U’r d one dat need 2 ShuT up….Are u livin wit her?? Aw did u kno her?? Tru Media?? Tru Ur Friends dat live wit her?? Thru Stupid Bloggers dat re onli lookin 2 b Recognize??? I beg don’t judge Person wit d way Ppl talk bout dem….Judge Ppl base on ur Closeness wit d Person……StoP tinkin Negative I beg

  6. @Blessing I am solidly behind ur comment. Why did u guys like making meaning out of nothing. I did not see any thing wrong with that pictures. It can only be wrong only if u guys are harboring bad feelings for her, never the less I am not her fans neither are my her brother but the truth must be told.

  7. #damien njoku r u mad? hw did u knw dat she is a lesbian? ppl n dia bush mentality, a gal showing appreciation to her maid is nw a lesbian abi? d pic is a mistake bt 4 her to post it means she didn’t see wat u guys r foolishly seeing nw …last yr wen she hired d maid u guys wia ranting abt hw she will maltreat d gal nw dat she ‘s showing appreciation atleast support her nd nt luking 4 negatives in a mere pic…naija I tire 4 una o

  8. more than huge percentage of families have lived with a house help(as maid is demeaning)in some time of their if ur younger sister or older one shares a meal with her in chicken repub or hv a pic taken inside a shopping mall.then we tag it lesbian affair..we are really living in dangerous times..i don’t vouch for our actresses but having seen where she was caught performing the act..

  9. ******* are accustomed to seeing maids being treated as dogs. Some even pour hot water on them. Others have used hot electric irons on their maids. while in other cases, they have become instruments for sexual abuse by their Patrons. Little wonder people see Tonto’s closeness to her maid as a strange happening in a country where money is preferred to Humans. where people have less regard for Human beings and where the love for money makes humans to become beast.
    Please live Tonto alone. she is the only ******* with an Iota of Human feeling in her blood. I know its very strange in ******* that’s why they term in Lesbianism. Give her a hand, she is an example of modern civilization. Maids are Humans like us and we must learn to show them love like our children and appreciate their services to us.
    Grow-up media house and try to think Positively
    Naija people

  10. I wonder how some people put their life in other,What is wrong with this,this shows how ugly and rotten your mind work,get a life and stop making a fool of yourselves and how wicked you are.Anyway people will always talk no matter what you do. If Jesus Christ got worst treatment even when his intention was clear how much more a human,so,so stupid and foolish minded people,if you are beautiful,sucessful,outspoken and a celebrity you automatically become a prostitute,and if you are a man handsome,hard-working and rich either they call you a gay or ritual killer or a fraud.grow up people and get a life this is 2014 if my calculation is correct.

  11. hmm! To me i dnt see anytin wrong wit dis pic o! But i sure knw dat most of us tink d way we’r,evil has eaten deep in d heart of most nigerians bcos of our environment. Tonto tanx 4d love and care towards d little. May bless and reward according ur heart desires.kip it up baby

  12. Pls I see noting wrong with this, it is just a picture pose.which position do u people want to see dem with…Nigerians pls stop criticizing dis lady she did well and has done wat most of d so called stars in dis country can neva eva try in their life

  13. @ blessing you are quiet correct by ur comment and see nothing wrong with the position of her hand and i suspect nothing. It is possible she just release her hand down that position and it make the picture a nice one. Amebo naijagist be careful so that u dont implicate innocent ones with ur talk talk. and for all of u condeming Tonto remember “judge not”

  14. Naija y dis negetive thought?is it bad 2 show love 2 ur househelp?there is
    nothin wrong wt what she did,she is a gud example 2 pple on how 2 threat their Househelp.even d position implies nothing.

  15. Hmmm….Some Nigerians re sooo soooo Low in Brain…Don’t kno y u Ppl keep hatin on Ppl Wen u ursef re Nobody in ur life or in ur household….We keep Condemnin all dis Ppl dat make us Happy…all d Entertainer….Aldo dey also ave dr Badside….But Must we b Usin our Own Stupidity 2 Scatter dr Family or 2 affect dr Life…Mostly d Bloggerz Caused a lot of all dis Actress n Actresses Brk Up in LiFe…..In Short….U Stupid fool quickin 2 Judge dis girl…or Condemnin dis Tonto 4 dis Act of Kindness God will also Judge u in Life Cos me I see notin Bad in sharin d Moment of Happiness wit ur Maid…..She Call her name d oda time….It was still U ppl dat quick 2 Condemn her….Now She’s Showin 2 d World D gud Relationship btw She n her Maid U Ppl re talkin Rubbish in ur Stupid Mouth….PLS LEAVE DIS GIRL ALONE n LIVE UR LIFE 4 UR FAMILY n LET HER ALSO LIVE HER LIFE…..ENuFF is ENuFF in Naija…..Don’t quick 2 Conclude in writtin. Or Commentin 2 most of dis Bloggerz….Some of dem re Morons….Dey’ll not investigate dr information fully b4 Postion Useless TOPIC 4 some brainless Ppl

  16. The only thing wrong with this is dat she has to put it up on air, for Christ sake, cant dis pple do a lil favour for some1 without showin the world? u will see dem posting pictures of themselves visiting orphanage n giving them gifts, are they doin it cos they wanna help or they re just showing off. I get so pissed each tym i see dose stupid acts. As for u Tonto wat is d big deal if u take ur housemaid out, who cares???? Alotta pple do dat shit.

  17. Hey folks!!. This is not fair, this lady is clean; and was just out with her housemaid. I guess, she just wanted to show people her closeness to Onyinye, (her maid). What would one do to make Nigerians happy?. Accusing her without proof is evil.

  18. @Dilo what do you want to say to Red in private that you can’t say here.what do you think you are doing young man.back off.@Red you can’t make everyone are trying to make another hunter,am not happy about this please.this place naija gist is not the Spanish class you paid to take nor your job.when will you know that private talk means relationship to men.

  19. And who told you he is a man Nnamdi ? By the way why are you also here sweet Nnamdi ? My Spanish tutor asked me to get you and my feeding bottle together with my diaper and baby wipes so they can clean me up as a baby when I mess up as one.maybe you know what Dilo want to tell right ? Stay sweet dear,I dey feel your concern pass everthing,don’t forget am still red.

  20. it will soon get there Mr T. people views in nigeria can be so scary. very soon we will begin to take permission even for parents to visit and stay in thesame house with their matured children.

  21. Mtcheew. . Human beings!!! When will we Nigerians stop findin’ fault in every thing people do especially these kynda celebrities. . . .for crying out loud we are not in the 15th century. This is 21st century!” . .what if she had posed with the girl in such a way that she was tryin’ to peck her. What w0uld you guys say?? You freakin’ dumb ass should just let her be and quit spoilin’ her name. . .haters can take a map and drive to hell. . Safe journey!!

  22. judge not so dat u wil not be judged, u sincerely knw dat she is a lesibian first to stone her so dat d whole world wil wil sue her.

  23. Guys,

    pls why can’t u mind Ur business.stop putting people business on ur hand let dem be.

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