Top 10 Best Universities In Africa: Unilag, University Of Lagos Ranked 9th

top 10 best universities in africa

Nov 28, 2012 – Top 10 Best Universities In Africa 2012: Unilag, University Of Lagos Ranked 9th

In the latest ranking report of the top 10 Best Universities in Africa by Blog Africa, the University of Lagos, Unilag has been ranked 9th out of 10.

According the compilation from Blog Africa, University of Cairo in Egypt is currently the best University in Africa followed by American University in Cairo, Egypt.

Unilag ranked a step above Asheshi University in Ghana.

The detail ranking below

Top 10 Best Universities In Africa 2012

1. Cairo University – Egypt

2. American University in Cairo – Egypt

3. Mansoura University – Egypt

4. Makerere University – Uganda

5. University of Nairobi – Kenya

6. University of Dar es Salaam – Tanzania

7. University of Botswana – Botswana

8. University of Ghana – Ghana

9. University of Lagos – Nigeria

10. Ashesi University – Ghana

72 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Universities In Africa: Unilag, University Of Lagos Ranked 9th

    • thats the same question I had Chiko…… the guy who made this list was purely making it based on his Biased opinions

  1. Its not true that Egypt are the best what I see here is that the compiler was an Egyptian and he/she did on his/her home bases criteria so generally its unacceptable

  2. Well my fellow Nigerian am still wondering who did the research. Which ever way let put our house and see what we can do to better our educational sector let us not bad mouth our country. Let’s continue to pray for betterment of this Nation

  3. So there are P D P in the internet again? Where is Nigeria premier University(UI) all these things are fake stop deceiving us if we ask question and you don’t know the answer ok stop faking us. If I may ask where did you get your result from

  4. there is not a single South African University on this list…. when 4 South african universities are ranked in the top 500 throughout the world. UCT always being the top african university… the person who ranked these university was ranking them based on what he thinks….. which was a poor judgement to say the least….

  5. What was d criteria D publisher used. Infact its based on opinion and not fact dat dis egyptian used. Well I did not agree with dis.

  6. is a pitty 4 nigeria, as the gaint of africa. May God help us, i wil do my masters in cairo.

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