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Torture & Human Right Abuse: Amnesty Int’l Calls Nigeria Hell Fire Over Ill Treatment Of Nigerians


Torture & Human Right Abuse: Amnesty Int’l Calls Nigeria Hell Fire Over Ill Treatment Of Nigerians

nigeria hell fire on earth

Sept 16, 2014 – Torture & Human Right Abuse: Amnesty International Calls Nigeria Hell Fire Over Ill Treatment Of Nigerians

There are torture chambers in police stations across Nigeria and the torture techniques used by both military and police are disturbing, Human Rights watch, Amnesty International (AI) says in a new report about Nigeria.

The report titled,”Welcome to hell fire: Torture and other ill-treatment in Nigeria”, will be presented at a press conference in Abuja on Friday by AI Senior Director of Research, Nicola Duckworth, and Africa Research and Advocacy Director, Netsanet Belay‎.

“From starvation to sexual assault and tooth extraction. It shows how conflict with Boko Haram has exacerbated the problem, with soldiers arbitrarily detaining and torturing large groups of people as they hunt for members of the armed group,” say‎ excerpts of the report made available to our correspondent.

AI said torture survivors will be available for interviews at the event



  1. OmoKehinde

    September 16, 2014 at 2:02 AM

    I have no disagreement with the torture of any captured Boko Haram terrorists by Nigerian police force and Nigerian Army In Order To Get Useful Information From These Criminals. They should be torture if necessary to extract valuable information as long as they are truly Boko Haram terrorists. I strongly believed that any member of this insurgent group that have brutally murdered more than 200,000 of innocent Nigerians and many wounded do not deserve inhumane treatment from our security forces. However, I totally disagree with the torture ordinary Nigerians that have committed minor offenses.

    For ordinary Nigerians that are not into politics nor from a wealthy background, Nigeria is already a living hell to them because of looting, corruption, mismanagement, and bad conduct of our criminal politicians. A jobless, hungry, and angry citizen in Nigeria today is living in hell with no ends. Our politicians at all levels of government govern only for their selfish interests while the welfare of the millions of suffering Nigerian people means nothing to them. How can we explain to the world that Nigerian legislators are the highest paid in the world? They are paying themselves over 2 millions dollars annually in salaries and bonuses while over 170 millions great Nigerians are living less than a dollar per day. This is worse than armed robbery. Millions of Nigerian youths have no economic opportunities with no signs of better tomorrow, therefore, they are currently living in politician – made hell fire in their country because of the insensitive of our leaders. Our politicians should always remember that naked they come to this world, and naked they shall return to the ground. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense for them to continue to destroy Nigerian economy and the future of next generation to come through gross corruption, looting, mismanagement, and selfishness and unpatriotic altitudes.

    • prince of ijesha

      September 16, 2014 at 3:04 AM

      Well said but torture on any level should be condemned

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