Toyin Aimakhu Begging, Calling Me To Return To Her – Ex Husband Niyi Johnson

toyin aimakhu begging niyi johnson

July 9, 2016 – Niyi Johnson: Toyin Aimakhu Begging, Calling Me To Return To Her, I Have Proof

If the story making rounds on the social media is anything to go by, then Toyin Aimakhu is fully ready and willing to return to her ex-husband, Adeniyi Johnson.

In a recent chat with Saturday Beats, the actor said contrary to the rumour making rounds, he is yet to make any move to return to his estranged wife since their marriage packed up several months ago.

Niyi said the reverse is the case because Toyin Aimakhu has been the one calling him and making moves to restore her marriage.

In his words:

“I can’t even remember the last time I spoke to her; it probably was sometime last year. I have never called her since this controversy started. But she has been the one calling me. I have a lot of evidence to prove this.”

Miss Aimakhu is yet to respond to any of these allegations.

12 thoughts on “Toyin Aimakhu Begging, Calling Me To Return To Her – Ex Husband Niyi Johnson

  1. Toyin your brain is booting in the wrong direction. Do you wanto eat ur cake and still have it? For goodness sake what were you thinking before you abandon your matrimonial home? This guy is long gone! Too handsome to stay unnoticed.

  2. I don’t understand what u guys are talking about, is he d only handsome husband on d face of d heart, is that a reason for him to cheat and misbehave with his wife.
    Instead of him to be apologising to his wife until she forgives him, he is busy spreading useless news all arround that she is begging him, so what if she is.
    I don’t knw why Toyin can’t just forget this looser, what is he feeling like exactly.I don’t even see any thing fine about him.
    Niyi it shows u don’t av any shame at all, or av u suddenly forgotten how u were caught cheatg ur wife.
    Common grow up and stop all dis nonsense talk.

    • And she would still have had the support of many if she had not suddenly gone on a romantic trip to Dubai with that Seun Egbegbe guy. She was obviously still secretly having an affair with the guy while still married. If you ask me…. they both cheated and Niyi was the one caught. To cut it short, they are both guilty of adultery. I am no fan of either of them, just being objective.

  3. I have always said it, husband and wife quarrel is oftentimes temporary and if one tries to inter meddle the couple might use such mediator as the enemy while they ” straighten face” with each other.
    This guy seems to be missing his ex- wife and all these public fights and information in the media are intended to gain her attention and to also provide the foundation for their getting back together. Advisers beware so you are not caught in the cross fire. Just saying sha o!!!

  4. olori ibu,adagba ma danu, do u ve to tell d world dat ur ex wife wants you back?abeg grow up and stop been childish.

  5. Metu…..Mama ivy,,,,totally agree. he’s an idiot for coming to say this publicly. is he getting an award or is that a new thing? fool

  6. Stop been childish guy there is nothing special in her beggn u since she’s ur wife not ur X she can do apologise cos both of u haven’t divorce.

  7. This Niyi of a boy needs to grow up.I never could tell what transpired between you both but if Truly she had been begging,must you publish it on media?Cant you guys enjoy privacy @least her apologies should be confidential

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