Toyin Aimakhu Exposed: Mayowa Ahmed’s Family Says She Wanted Part Of N32 Million

toyin aimakhu take mayowa ahmed money

July 29, 2016 – Toyin Aimakhu Exposed: Mayowa Ahmed’s Family Says She Wanted Part Of N32 Million

Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu has been exposed by the family of ailing Mayowa Ahmed, the lady with stage 4 Ovarian cancer.

Recall that Toyin was one of the celebrities crying foul on the social media earlier this week begging friends, family and fans to raise money for Mayowa Ahmed.

With her help and that of other celebrities on the social media, they were about to raise part of the N32million needed to carry out life saving surgery on Mayowa in Dubai but sadly, the table turned yesterday when Toyin and the founder of Lifestake Foundation, Aramide Kasumu started blackmailing the family.

A source told Abiyamo today that the two partners in crime (Toyin & Kasumu) wanted part of the money and when the family refused, they turned back and told police it was a scam.

To cut the long story short, Lagos Police commissioner has ordered Access bank to freeze the account of Mayowa Ahmed.

Na so money hungry Toyin…. This is sad!!!!

16 thoughts on “Toyin Aimakhu Exposed: Mayowa Ahmed’s Family Says She Wanted Part Of N32 Million

  1. I don’t believe dem jare, toyin may be d gra gra type but am sure she did wot she did out of a sincere heart

  2. I take this accusation with pinch of salt. Why did the family delay flying out the lady until Toyin raised alarm? Dubai visa is not difficult to get and no interview is required if people who have travelled there are believed.
    When good hearted individuals donate to the needy, people should not try to be over smart with such monies as it discourages possible donors from future generous acts.

  3. N3.9m earlier reported, now it’s N32m. Which one is which? If it is N3.9m, then I believe the family’s claim. But if it’s N32m, wow, that family must be a brood of dupes. What treatment would you not commence until you have raised N32m?

  4. Lest I forget, bearing in mind how insecure the society is these days due to kidnapping and the rest, I am so uncomfortable with this publicity.

  5. Much as I disbelieved the family’s acerbic innuendos against Ms Aimaku,it’s a lesson for her to stop biting more than she can chew. She should have allowed the sleeping dog lie after learning the truth about the condition of health of the sick. Now her whistle blowing, busy body and lack of self control had subjected an innocent young lady who is barely clinging between life and death to a needless controversy.

  6. That’s why am always careful with people! You can’t please anyone. And don’t be too nice, make everyone Carry their load…….

  7. I don’t like all dis story flying around, for christ sake someones life is at stake here, they should think of her first before starting all d drama. Can d commissioner pls handle dis with wisdom.
    Firstly let her be taken to another hospital outside d country, in order to get a second opinion about her health, since Nigerian doctors are not able to do anything.
    Secondly let toyin and d family go and sit down somewhere for now, infact I don’t want to hear about them for now, until d lady is given proper medical attention.
    We need all possible avenues to be exploited in regards how to make her better before freezing her acct.
    let the acct be handled by someone assigned by d commissioner himself, that’s if he is not compromised himself.
    No one can be trusted when it comes to money, Na wa o.

  8. if anyone believes that toyin wanted money from this girl’s family, then they are mistaken, tongues will wag, ppl will talk to cover their ass and mistakes, hence this cooked up story abt toyin wanting money from them…this family played on ppl’s moral emphathy…period. now they are looking for way out…

  9. My comment goes to the family of mayowa,it is not the way to repay a kind hearted fellow who has immensely put all her effort to the success of the matter what happens I believe you should be grateful,there are lots of people out there that can’t do what she has done even among the celebrities.i don’t believe she can do don’t need to destroy her image,to me she really has a heart of gold which makes me respect her so not a fans of any celebrity but with the act of gold of toyin,i love her kind gesture and am her fans now.#love u lots#

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