Toyin Aimakhu Losing Movie Roles Bcos She’s Married, Hopes To Star In Nollywood


toyin aimakhu losing movie roles

June 25, 2014 – Toyin Aimakhu Losing Movie Roles Because Of Marriage, Actress Praying For Nollywood Movie Roles

Married Nollywood actress Toyin Aimahku in this recent interview with PUNCH said her marriage has affected her career.

The Alakada star is also praying to get her first Nollywood (English) role.

Although the Edo state-born actress started her career starring in Yoruba movies, she says she still nurses a strong desire to break into Nollywood like some of her peers have.

“I really wish to break into Nollywood but I haven’t gotten an opportunity to do so yet. I was actually called up by Simony Films to star in a film in Asaba, Delta State. But then I was too busy to make it to the set. Although I am satisfied being in the Yoruba movie sector, I am really interested in being in Nollywood and becoming a cross-over actress. It is not about the money for now but about my career and passion for the arts,”Toyin says.

How My Marriage Has Affected My Career

“I have lost some jobs as a result of my marital status but it is worth it because you can’t buy a good home or compare it to anything in this world. You can always get another job after you lose one. But once you lose your home it is difficult to get another good home.

“I take up controversial roles wisely and can no longer go the extra mile with male colleagues on set or take up bitchy roles. My husband can take up any role and he knows how to handle them. My man is very decent and does whatever he feels is right. After all, location is location while home is home,” she says.