Toyin Aimakhu’s Ex-Sugar Daddy, Seun Egbegbe Threatens To Deal With Her, Says He Won’t Forgive


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April 17, 2016 – Seun Egbegbe Threaten Toyin Aimakhu, Says He’ll Deal With Her If She Sees Her Face To Face

Toyin Aimakhu’s Ex-Sugar Daddy, Seun Egbegbe Threatens To Deal With Her, Says He Won’t Forgive Her

See excerpts of Toyin Aimakhu’s ex boyfriend, Seun Egbegbe’s recent chat with Punch NG.

Did you really kidnap her?
I do not want to dwell so much on it because I have read the Riot Act to Yoruba film producers. I said none of them must feature her in their films. It is not a threat but a promise because I will take it up with anyone who does otherwise. I am also angry because I was accused wrongly; she told the whole world that I kidnapped her.

What could have prompted her to make up such a story?

I really do not understand what went wrong. The day she claimed I kidnapped her, I went out and left her in my house. Earlier, she had informed me that she would be at a movie location at Oshodi to take part in a movie produced by a Yoruba actress, Kemi Korede. I then asked her to drop the keys to the house with the security guard. Barely two hours later, I started receiving telephone calls from many people who kept asking me if there was a problem. At about the same time ,some people said, “Your rubbish wife posted a video of herself crying on Instagram.” I was confused and I decided to check Instagram. I called her immediately and told her that she had taken the ‘acting’ too far and people would misinterpret the post. I pleaded with her to take down the post as a sign of respect for me, her boyfriend.

What did you do next?

I boarded a cab to meet with her at the movie location. I had to go in a taxi because because my Range Rover SUV was in her possession. Immediately I saw her, I asked her to take down the post. She refused, so I seized her phones and went home. She didn’t return home that day and I did not set my eyes on her again until after three days. Suddenly, it was all over social media that I kidnapped Toyin.

What happened when she returned?

She came home with a man and for six hours he tried to make peace. I returned her phones and she denied ever putting up the post in question. She said her personal assistant must have done it without her consent. I pleaded with her to pull down the post but all she has done till date is give flimsy excuses.

Did the both of you have a disagreement before this incident?

We didn’t quarrel. A few days before the incident, she complained about my attitude towards her and sent me a text to that effect. I responded by telling her that I was only having some personal challenges, which had nothing to do with her.

Why were you really bothered about the Instagram post?

I feel she had an ulterior motive and was simply looking for a way to end the relationship. If she wanted to pull out of the relationship, she could have done so in a mature manner. I don’t think every relationship must lead to marriage. We were just lovers. A few days ago someone posted, “If Toyin returns, are you sure you won’t kidnap her again?” on my Instagram account. I felt so bad because I know nothing about it.

What will you do if you come across each other?

I am not on speaking terms with her any longer and whenever I lay my eyes on her, I won’t take it easy with her.

You say you have known for her 15 years.
Yes, that is true. Toyin is a very good woman and she has been very nice to me. We dated in the past.

Why didn’t you marry her?

Like I said earlier, not every relationship leads to marriage. We parted ways and came back after 15 years. That definitely means that God wants to do something in our lives.

Since you claim to really like her, don’t you think asking producers not to feature her in films could affect her career?

I really like her, but how could someone I loved hurt me in this manner?

Do you have the powers to prevent producers from featuring her in movies?

Where were these producers when Toyin acted in a brash manner? Since she exercised her powers, I will exercise mine as well. Perhaps when things go out of hand, they will invite both of us to talk it over.

Were you planning to marry her?

You do not plan to marry an individual. We were taking it one step at a time. Considering what she did to me, I feel the love she had for me was fake.

If she apologises, will you reconcile with her?

The point is that I will never take her back. At best, we can remain as best friends but she must correct that impression. God Almighty will definitely reward Toyin.

Have you ever been married and do you have children?

I have never been married and I don’t have children.

Why is this Oga finding it hard to move on??? Toyin don enter soup…